photo: Derek Dunfee

It gets a little more serious come winter-time. Or in the case of the above Mavericks photo, a lot more serious. But serious is good, it keeps you on top of your game, teaches you not to hesitate. The days are short, so you gotta pack more into ’em. As the snow starts piling up in the high country and the swells grow thicker, EDGEtv Contributors are getting serious about having serious fun.

Whistle(r) While You Work

photo: Rip Curl Canada

This is EDGEtv Contributor, Braden Dean, at work in the office. In the summer-time, he’s wingsuit flying all over the world and making rad movies like Winging It. But in the winter he marches dutifully home to Whistler, BC to punch the old time card. Someone’s gotta do it.

Here’s what Braden has to say about the photo above: “Throwback to a @ripcurl_canada team trip to @retallacklodge a few years ago. A hard bail a few days before left me with a hematoma and I almost didn’t go. So glad I did! I don’t remember the negatives of riding through the pain, only how awesome it felt to hit jumps like this in the sunshine!”

Nirvana Found

photos courtesy Seeking Nirvana

What happens when you’re seeking nirvana and you find it? If you are Matt Margetts, Joe Schuster, Riley Leboe, and Mike Henitiuk, you just keep on seeking. Sort of like what Bob Dylan said, “We have never arrived. We are in a constant state of becoming.”

That’s exactly what the Seeking Nirvana boys are doing, constantly becoming, eternally stoked on what the next adventure has to offer. Make sure you check out their latest episode, Road to Nowhere. You can also catch up past episodes on EDGEtv!

“Those who ain’t busy being born are busy dying.” -Bob Dylan

Soul Adventurers

Speaking of seeking nirvana, EDGEtv Contributor, Angie Davis, has been trekking in Nepal with her two kids in search of enlightenement and to raise awareness in the West of some of the inequality and poverty issues in the world.

About the above photo, Angie wrote: “Approaching Gosainkunda (background) where we climbed to 4,380m altitude. Hunter at 6yo and Ryder at 8yo made it to the peak that not all adults can successfully summit. I’m so proud of my warriors.”

Angie crossing the Ganges River and looking radiant as ever!

Comeback Kid

EDGEtv Contributor and World Surf League (WSL) Big Wave Tour hellman, Nic Lamb, is coming back strong from a knee injury with big plans to keep shredding big waves.

surf photo: Dave Nelson

Ever the class-act, Nic thanked his doctor for getting him back in business: “Big thanks to @darrowstemcell for the stem cell treatment! Stem cell therapy is the future of healing.”

Big ups, Nic!

Winter Warriors

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