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Warhorse clouds appear on the northern horizon, galloping down the mountains like Valkyries. The first ice wind scatters autumn’s blood-red leaves other places, and the lakes begin their frozen moanings. Your friend texts you, “Dude, we got a couple inches up top!” The wood is chopped and stored and you pull your skis and snowboards down from the rafters –  a sacred rite.

You sniff the arctic air and grin like a wolf. Winter is Coming.

Towers Above the Sea

EDGEtv influencers, Riley Leboe, Mike Henitiuk, Matt Margetts, and Joe Schuster, released Part 4 of their Seeking Nirvana series ~Towers Above the Sea~ on October 24th…just in time to get everyone amped for the winter to come. One day later it was already a Vimeo Staff Pick.

The boys traveled to Chile in August to chase an endless winter, and they scored big-time. The footage is some of the best we’ve seen, from insane drone shots of impossible chutes, to rad water shots of the crew surfing one of the longest lefts in the world. Gotta love Colby James West’s voiceover, too!

You don’t have to be a skier to appreciate these films. Anyone with a passion for travel, local culture, and breathtaking visuals of wild places will dig this EDGEtv production. Episode 3 ~The Lucky Strike~ screens at the Banff Mountain Film Festival November 2nd, 2016 @ 7:30pm.

Watch Seeking Nirvana parts 1-2-3 on EDGEtv’s Roku and AmazonFire channels.


Dax Justin is hard at work on his book, Unearthed: The Grit and Resiliency of the Canadian Badlands, which takes the reader on a journey to the prehistoric grounds of the Canadian Badlands, sharing captivating stories and mesmerizing photographs of the people who have made this land home.

We can’t wait to get our hands on this book. We also can’t wait to see the images Dax will capture this winter, you know, gems like these…

Happy Hallow-Extreme!

EDGEtv influencers are always down to dress up, especially for Halloween! From left to right: Liz Thomas steam punk carny chic, Colby James West and his sister-wife, and El Perro de Daniel Jones. Send us you costume pics!

Winter is Coming

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