The American West is a place you go to forget. It’s a place you go to remember. It can flicker by outside your car window like a Wile E. Coyote loop, or, if you get out and walk around and take a piss, you can see that every desert flower, every Saguaro, every rock and dune is unique and, like you, trying hard to exist. You feel dusty and clean at the same time, chasing the mesa horizons by day and the neon casino horizons by night.

For EDGEtv Contributors, Braden Dean and Suz Graham, the West is South. They live in British Columbia in a land of glaciers, pines, and granite peaks. After wrapping their first wing suit series, Winging It, in the Alps, they decided it was time to head south to find whatever it is (wo)men seek in the lonely silence of the western states.

“In the magnificent fierce morning of New Mexico one sprang awake, a new part of the soul woke up suddenly, and the old world gave way to a new.”

-D.H. Lawrence


“Being from the rugged BC coast the dry desert climate couldn’t be more different than home, it’s got it’s own energy and it’s own language, but once you spend a little too much time away you feel a deep calling within to return… or at least I do.”

-Suz Graham

First stop for Winging It: Season 2 was Twin Falls, Idaho, home to the 486-foot-high Perrine Bridge – the only bridge in North America that’s legal to BASE jump off year round. Suz recalls the first few jumps as “a bit shaky” since the couple had been spending most of their time skiing and snowboarding in the epic BC winter. “But in no time,” she continued, “we were back into the groove of packing, jumping, and hiking – it felt incredible. Not to mention reuniting with so many friends, and making new ones, as it’s really a hub for BASE jumpers from all over the world.”

Next stop was Moab, Utah, where Braden and Suz found no shortage of sandstone cliffs, arches, and walls to work on their wingsuit craft. Though they’ll “be picking remnants of dirt and sand out of pretty much everything for the next little while,” Suz says they are stoked with the footage and the memories and can’t wait to share their adventures in Winging It 2 later this year on EDGEtv!

Winging It Way Out West

About The Author
- Jeff McElroy is a Ventura and Mammoth Lakes-based writer. His surf/coast-inspired short story collections, CALIFORNIOS and CALIFORNIOS 2 have received awards and accolades within the boardsport and literary communities. He writes about adventure athletes and the wild places for EDGEtv Network. When he's not writing, he's surfing, backpacking, snowboarding, and trail-running with his wife and Jack Russell Terrier.

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