Where There’s a Way

“I’ve never done anything alone. There’s a pedestal that I might’ve thought I walked up on that someone else had built.”


The first time I heard Will Dailey live was at the Hotel Café (Hollywood, CA) at the tail end of his Winter West Coast tour 2016. He was a great stage performer, just as you’d expect from an artist with over 10 million spins on Spotify, top 20 on Billboard Heat Seeker Chart, and 7 wins in the Boston Music Award. The New York Post has dubbed Will “the real deal,” but that kinda goes without saying. Your buddy Jakob Dylan doesn’t hang at your shows if you’re not the real deal.

“I emailed [The Hotel Café] when it was half this size, and they let me play my first show in this town years ago for a record I had out called GoodbyeRedBullet so I thought it’d be weird if I don’t play a song from that album.” – Will Dailey, Winter West Coast tour 2016 (photo credit Daykamp Music)

Will is also the real deal when it comes to being a positive instigator, a mover with the guts and grit to make it happen. At age 12, he used his savings to buy a small guitar and amp. By age 16, he had his first public show on stage at a pub. In 2004, he sold his car to pay for his first full-length solo album, GoodbyeRedBullet. Later, he released albums with Universal, CBS Records, Wheelkick Records and JS Music Group. This do-it-yourself attitude extends to the Will’s volunteer work on the Farm Aid Board alongside legends like Willie Nelson, John Mellencamp, and Dave Matthews.  Point is, the guy gets stuff done.


Recently, Will partnered with PledgeMusic for a crowdfunding campaign for his upcoming album. For a roamer preaching the power of music to bring people together and for artists and fans to be co-creators outside the major label machinery, there’s no time like now to put those beliefs to the test. Click over to Pledge Music and WillDailey.com to hear more about the project, check out sample tracks and gifts, and spread the word!

“There’s a movie I’ve been thinking about for the past year and a half. It’s a movie called The Fifth Element, with Bruce Willis and Mila Jovovich and Gary Oldman by Luc Besson. And if you recall, in that movie, there’s a threat to Earth. There’s this giant orange fireball in space. And the black President goes out with his defenses to keep the orange fireball from approaching Earth. They tried to surround it with spaceships and defeat it with power and strength. And it turns out the only way to defeat it was to love somebody. That was an alien. That was foreign to the protagonist and the rest of the world. And he loved it. And the orange fireball that was really scary and getting bigger and bigger, turned into just another rock. I’ll be honest, I get all my life advice from Bruce Willis movies. So I’m just gonna love things that are different, that I don’t know…and if it’s Mila Jovovich that’s great, but that’s my solution. – Will Dailey, Winter West Coast tour 2016


Earlier this month, Will played at the Boston Public Library — organizer of the Canada/Boston Music Exchange — along with Canadian singer-songwriter Emm Gryner. It’s a nice score (pun intended) for public arts and international musical collaboration in an age when funding for these kind of events can be hard to come by.


But where there’s a way, Will finds it.

Where There’s a Way

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