photo courtesy of Braden Dean and Suz Graham

Adventure sports often conjure images of solo pursuits: the lone wingsuit flyer, the surf wanderer waiting for waves at a desolate reef pass, the solitary slackliner plying her trade between sentinel peaks…

But the late Christopher McCandless wrote, “Happiness is only real when shared.”

This Valentine’s Day, we salute the lovebirds who adventure together through life, the ones pushing each other to greater heights, the ones watching out for each other and high-fiving at the end of every session.

Love is in the Air

photo courtesy of Braden Dean and Suz Graham
Braden Dean and Suz Graham launched their first EDGEtv series last week, WINGING IT, a 5-part series that follows them on a wingsuit odyssey from Canada to California to the fjords of Norway and the Swiss and Italian Alps.
Check out this exclusive EDGEtv behind-the-scenes interview with the leapin’ lovebirds! Then watch the series on edgetv.comROKUAmazonFireTV, and AppleTV.

Just Hitched!

photos courtesy of Kevin Henshaw

Congrats to EDGEtv Influencer, Kevin Henshaw, for marrying his sweetheart, Cassidy!

In an Instagram post, Cassidy wrote:

“Seeing how hard this guy works day in & day out and all he sacrifices is unbelievable not only with me (ha) but everything in general, I really couldn’t be more proud & happy for you! 2017 is looking good!”

With loving support like this, we can only imagine the heights to which Kevin will take his insane wakeboard career!

Probably more stuff like this…

Family Man

photos courtesy of Dustin Hollick

Dustin Hollick has spent much of the last year on the road, on a bicycle, filming The Laps with Rhian Slapp in order to bring awarness to the waste and unsustainable practices of the modern world.

He balances this with his role of husband and father. His rad wife, Cynthia, understands the importance of his work in making a better world for their children. That’s hot.

Island Lovers

photo Amorphia Photography

Behind every great wife is a rock of a husband. When Sarah Hauser moved to Maui at 23 to pursue her dream of being a professional waterwoman, she also met her husband, Casey. Together, they’ve created a tropical fairytale set amidst high seas and swaying palms.

Whether he’s fixing her jet-ski (photo Vickey Abbott), helping her carry her sail in the wind, or charting a course towards infinity (photos courtesy of hauserlifestyle), they’re always ready to ride the next wave together.

Lucky 7

EDGEtv Influencer, Angelika Schriber, just celebrated 7 years with her love, Matty Hassler. Yep, they’re beautiful, but they also shred the absolute GNAR on wakeboards. Just check this shot from @involveimagery . Congrats!

“With Love’s Light Wings…”

“Sometimes all a person needs is a hand to hold and a heart to understand.” –Freefly Couple

Eduardo Coelho and Natalia Horikawa, aka Freefly Couple, celebrate their love by flying together…a lot.

In our opinion, they win the award for Best Valentine’s Day Quote:

“You smile, I smile.”

We Love Yeeeew!

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