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Tracking our EDGEtv Contributors lately has been like watching an Indiana Jones map with the little red lines criss-crossing all over the globe. Nepal, British Columbia, Manitoba, Paris…

The rad part is these folks ain’t doing what they’re doing purely for pleasure; they turn their lenses on the flora and fauna they cherish, hoping to preserve them by inspiring others to do the same.

Up Close and Personal

EDGEtv Contributor, Dax Justin, recently flew from Calgary to Winnipeg to document Polar Bears with Canadian Geographic.

“I’ve been struck-through-the-heart by these animals,” Dax gushed in a recent Facebook post. “Don’t get me wrong, they are an apex predator, but after you spend time with these giants you’ll see and feel their true souls. They remind me the most of dogs, and in fact polar bears aren’t that far from the dog family! They all have their own personalities and character, they play, they listen, they observe, they LOVE + SURVIVE – and they deserve to be loved back.

“That’s what the people of Churchill Wild Ecolodge Polar Bear Tours dedicate themselves to. You won’t just learn about these creatures, you’ll meet them on the front lines, LITERALLY. From this I have garnered a deep admiration and respect for polar bears that I wouldn’t trade for the world. (That’s why this experience exists!) Please take this advice too: Put this on your bucket list, then do it.”

How close did he get? Let’s just say that Dax took the above photo with his PHONE! Look at this majestic soul and then think about how their habitat is shrinking because of climate change that humans are exacerbating through carbon emissions. NOW is the time to open dialogues with climate change deniers, to try to understand where they are coming from, to try to enlighten them and show them that climate change is not a political issue. It’s a survival issue and we’re all in this together.

The Anicca Way

Australian travel and wellness journalist, filmmaker, Virtual/Augmented Reality director and producer, mother, environmentalist, and domestic violence survivor. Hello, Angie Davis.

Founder of The Anicca Way, Angie sold all her possessions to travel the world with her two young sons with the mission of turning oppression into creative and entrepreneurial opportunities for women of the world.

She’s been crossing Asia, through Jaipur and the Rajasthani Desert en route to the Himalayas and Nepal.

About her two young sons, Angie said, “[My] two surfer ninjas [are] adapting to the Indian chaos better than most adults would. They never cease to inspire me. I think adults create so many stories of how hard it is to travel with kids that they give up before even giving it a chance. Kids are so adaptable, and adults could learn a lot from that.”

May you be forever young!

Road to Nowhere

Seeking Nirvana continues with bad-assery in Season 2 Episode 3, The Road to Nowhere. EDGEtv Contributors, Mike HenitiukJoe SchusterMatt Margetts, and Riley Leboe load up a Westfalia sporting a single bumper sticker ~Enjoy Every Sandwich~ with skis and surfboards and head to the far northern reaches of British Columbia to partake in some serious sliding.

Epic narration by EDGEtv Contributor, Colby James West, and Jay Henitiuk adds gravitas to yet another epic film. How do they keep pumping out these golden nuggets? We like to think it has something to do with what happens when raw talent meets a bunch of dudes who know how to keep things fun and drool-worthy.

Seriously, if this doesn’t make you want to get outside…

Off Island

Hawaiian local, Evan Mock, has been adventuring off island lately. The IMG Models-repped ripper skated through the streets and stopped by Dior headquarters for a behind-the-scenes tour.

In the video above by What Youth, Evan samples the breaks and skateparks of Californy in the spring-time. He’s good at what he does, and he looks good doing it. Travel on!


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