I’m sure you want to travel to all your dream countries, but let’s be realistic. Who has the money for that? You do!! Backpacker banter has made it easier and cheaper than ever to travel. He explains how he traveled on only a whopping $25 a day!! In 2014, he traveled 11 countries, took 17 different planes and still only spent under $25 a day. In 2015, after a month of traveling Australia he spent just over $25 a day. 2017, Thailand and the Philippines made it just that much easier to achieve the $25 day goal. How does he do it? We summarized some tips from his article for you below!


Tip 1 “Travel slow and travel far”

This effectively allows you to cover a lot of land without burning out. Cramming activities with mass travel, will run you dry and spend your money quick. Take time to really take in the places and don’t rush it, spreads out the cost of travel.

“What you REALLY need to research and pay attention to is the bare minimum daily costs for a destination – how much it would cost per day to stay in a place and just chill out.”


Tip 2  “Accommodation Is Your Biggest Cost”

Recommended options for stay are hotels and family rooms and hostels. After looking at rates of hostels, it was clear some hotels were the better route to take. The backpack banter spent 10$ on a suite with a friend, with included breakfast in Asia, when the hostels were $15 each. Better sleep, better travel, lower price. He recommends checking prices on sites like hostelworld.com and agoda.com


Tip 3 “Eating and Drinking On the Cheap”

Do your research of where to eat in advance. instead of choosing fancy restaurants, look at street vendors or local restaurants where you can get great cultured food by the dollar. The less you spend on food the more money you will have to stay longer or to put to activities. Really want to save money on food? Make grocery trips and cook your own dinners and have a simple breakfast and lunch.


Tip 4 “Brutal truth, if you don’t party your costs are lower”

Partying blows through money. Cost of transportation, drinks, getting into the function. If your a party guy banter suggests buying cheap booze from the store and drinking at home before leaving.


Tip 5 “Little things add up quickly”

Banter suggest to try saving as little as a dollar a day. A week will get you $7 which is about enough for a day in Thailand. After a month you will have enough for extra activities and accommodations. “You have to make little changes to make a big difference”


Tip 6 “Keep Track of Your Travel Budget”

Hard to stick to your budget? Banter recommends “the trail wallet app” “which allows you to set a budget everyday and track all of your daily spending” It will show you stats, where your money is going from the big monthly and yearly picture, down to the day,


Tip 7 “Flights and buses”

Tell me about it, flights get expensive! Websites Banter suggests checking for cheaper international flights are Skyscanner and STA travel. Start with a specific area you want to cover that will be easy to travel between like Europe or Asia. Once you find a flight to your international area then it’s a matter of looking at small cheap airlines in that region. Banter recommends “Easyjet, Jetstar, Virgin Australia, Air Asia and Cebu Pacific as they constantly have special offers on”


Taking the bus can cut your travel down to as much as half sometimes too! Banter suggest “companies like Oz Experience or Kiwi Experience regularly have sale fares going on” for bus passes. Charter buses can help kill time by sleeping it away or enjoying the scenic view.


Tip 8 “Work and travel”

Working while travel can help increase your budget and help you stay afloat longer. Banter has a list of jobs he does while traveling here http://www.backpackerbanter.com/blog/how-the-hell-do-i-afford-all-this-travel

For example, Banter taught surf in Morocco, received not only extra cash, but free meals! Use your skills to make money for extra things, to extend your stay, or make friends!


Tip 9 “Surfing and other hobbies”

Banter suggest selecting activities that are free to cut down costs! He finds when he visits areas with a good surf, he spends a lot of his time surfing, the low cost to rent a board ended up saving him a lot of money. Your hobbies like hiking, done at home, can be fun traveling too. “And there are heaps of other hobbies that can do the same – painting, swimming, running, skateboarding…why not do them on the road?” This will help you save a lot of money on activities and still allow you to have fun and enjoy your stay.


Tip 10 “Balance Your Destinations”

Where you go determines a lot of your costs. Some countries cost more for stay, food, and activities than others. For a cheaper longer travel, choose countries with lower living costs. Banter has broke down costs in some countries by the month here http://www.backpackerbanter.com/blog/category/monthly-summary/a-month-in


Backpacker Banters Quick Summary of Tips

  • Travel slower and spread out the big costs
  • …Because extending your trip might not actually add a lot of extra cost
  • You don’t have to do a trip or excursion everyday
  • Hostels are your new best friend (but also check out a range of websites to get awesome deals)
  • Always look out for awesome deals on flights, tours and trips
  • The little things quickly add up
  • Don’t splurge because things are cheap
  • Try a find a way to work whilst you travel
  • Track ALL your costs, even though it might seem boring and tedious!
  • If you do drink, pre drinking is the way forward!
  • Street food in Asia, cooking in more expensive countries
  • Find a hobby that keeps you busy without being expensive


Check the full article here https://www.backpackerbanter.com/blog/how-to-travel-the-world-25-a-day



Thank you for reading!

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How To Travel the World On $25 A Day: By Backpacker Banter

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