That’s EDGEtv Influencer, Natalie Paladin, summing up how we feel about dropping into 2017: smiling and stoked!

As the snow piles up in the mountains, we’re taking it as a good omen of what’s in store for EDGEtv in 2017. We’ve got so much radness lined up, from upcoming shows to influencer accomplishments to sweet new adventure products.

But we’re also pumped on the unforeseen magic that’ll pop up this year. As always, we’re thankful to all of you in this community who share your photos, videos, and stories of good times.

Auld Lang Syne! Let’s do this!


Natalie Paladin just wrapped up at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, promoting the 360fly camera.

Natalie (pictured here with her sister, Olivia) backs up her spokesmodeling/amabassadorships with some solid rock climbing, mountain biking, skydiving, and Harley riding.

2017 is shaping up to be an exciting year for her, with rumors of travels to Colorado and Cape Town, South Africa where she wants to climb the 12 Apostles.

Bon Voyage, Natalie!

Dax Justin on Expedition

photo: Dax Justin, far north BC

EDGEtv Influencer, Dax Justin, has teamed up with Seekers Media (Snow Seekers) and Northern BC Tourism for a two-week expedition into Northern British Columbia. He joins Jim Barr and Chris Wheeler on an adventure sure to yield intriguing stories and images of the land and people they encounter.

Follow them now through January 17th on social for real-time dispatches from the Great White North!

Dax Justin: Instagram – Facebook

Casting a Spell

photo courtesy of Surf’s Up NH

EDGEtv Influencer, Jake Caster, finished up 2016 with two 1st Places at the Eastern Surfing Association-sanctioned Indoor Surfing Contest.  And now he’s coming in hot to 2017 with his sights set on the next indoor contest on February 25th.

Stay tuned with EDGEtv for everything Jake Caster leading up to the big day!

Will Dailey’s Anti-Release

“Don’t need no album or don’t need no EP. Just a free wheelin’ tune! It insisted that it receive its own spotlight.” EDGEtv Influencer, Will Dailey, went indier-than-indie when he released his single, “Wings Born on the Way Down,” in December 2016.

The single made Maimed & Tamed’s January 2017 picks.

Give it a well-deserved listen at iTunes/Spotify and/or BANDCAMP.

Will Dailey and The Faithless Electors play a show in Cambridge, MA on January 19th.  Everyone through the door gets an exclusive 7″ vinyl record with two new songs that will never be digital. Free vinyl also for the Portsmouth, NH (2/16) and Plymouth, MA (2/17) shows.

See y’all there!

Totally 2017

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