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“Come gather ’round children wherever you roam…” Sitting here on this May-Gray California morning thinking ’bout Bob Dylan’s 75th Birthday and how appropriate it is that he was born in this free-wheelin’ season of transition – Northern Hemisphere easin’ into summer, south swells, bikinis, and long dirtbag days of wanderin’ and explorin’ them deserts and mountains. Southern Hemisphere gearing up for winter, big waves Down Under, Andes and Patagonia powder days, and yerba mate nights.

Thinking ’bout Mike Henitiuk, Riley Leboe, Matt Margetts, and Joe Schuster heading down to South America in their endless winter to film the next episode of Seeking Nirvana.

Thinking ’bout Dustin Hollick and Rhian Slapp kissing their families good-bye in Australia as they set out on bicycles to film The Laps.

Mary Osborne is dusting off her longboards and setting up her surf camps in California, Symmetry is wrapping up their North American Tour and headed to rock the UK, and EDGEtv’s wingsuit flyers, BASE Jumpers, and slackliners are gettin’ it done up there above the clouds.

Is that the sun I see breaking through the fog? I believe it is.  Time to get outside on this “jingle-jangle morning.”

Lappin’ it Up

Dustin Hollick and Rhian Slapp aren’t risking their lives to become reality TV stars – they are doing it to seek a better and more sustainable world for their families and for all of us. The Laps is a powerful commentary on the excessive waste and clutter of our times and how far we’ve gotten from the earth and our roots.

They are taking the late Doug Tompkin’s advice to “turn around and take a step forward.” Progress doesn’t always have to mean bigger, better, faster; it can mean undoing the things that aren’t working to create a more sustainable planet for future generations.

EDGEtv is proud to share every step and pedal of this human-powered journey, from pre-production teasers to the show itself premiering Autumn 2016.

Merry, Merry, Mary

Mary Osborne is home in Ventura, California for her rad summer surf camps and private lessons.

She also has some sweet travel/retreat packages in tropical locations. Learn to shred from the best (and coolest) surfer girl we know.

Something in the Air

Look up and you might see the quiet revolution that’s happening in the air. A new generation of aerial artists are out there doing some incredible things in the world’s most beautiful places. Our minds are blown every day as EDGEtv Influencers like Rafael Bridi, Freefly Couple (Eduardo Coelho and Natalia Horikawa), Liz Thomas, and others send us footage of themselves finding bliss waaaay above the ground.

These dudes and dudettes ain’t just jumping out of planes and walking on slacklines…they’re adding a new dimension of artistic flair, aesthetics, and athleticism. They’re as calm as Hindu cows in places where most of us would require diapers.

Yes, that was “Hindu cows” and “diapers” in the same sentence.

Times A-Changin’

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