The most outrageous happenings day and night around world. Come along to tantalizing nightclub scenes, bikini pageants, late night raves, and the coolest action sports. Join hosts Jenn Brown and funny man Art Mann as they discover a world with very few inhibitions.

Season 1

E2 - Spring Break Las Vegas Style

“The Wild Side” seeks out and uncovers all of the outrageous happenings in Vegas. Art Mann, and Jenn Brown are the tour guides to the hottest nightclubs and after-hour parties. Features: Art Mann, Jenn Brown, Garrett Burnett, Fred Comperado, Jeff Davis, Denny, Carl Eller, Eva, Female, Females, Johnny Fever, Big Jay, Jeff, Kato Kaelin, Che Kim, Laura, Jamie Miller, El Pitts, Don Richman, Ashley Smith

E5- Spring Break Coast To Coast

The white sands and emerald waters of Florida’s panhandle are the perfect backdrop for this party extravaganza. Then we take the party to Newport Beach, California. features: Art Mann, Jenn Brown, Garrett Burnett, Deshaun Fasher, Amy Hillis, Alan Laird, Doug Mcallistar, Tracey Stinnett

E8- Austin/Costa Rica

The hits just keep on coming. Art Mann is hanging with all the indie music types that Austin, Texas is known for and jamming the night away along the non-stop party zone known as 6th Street. While Jenn enjoys a little pura vida, or pure life, way down in Costa Rica with a few of the Bikini Destination swimsuit models. Get your kicks watching Art get his with the tough girls of Roller Derby.

E9 - Los Angeles/Lake Tahoe

The Wild Side’s hometown of Los Angeles is ground zero for this week’s pleasure cruise. Art Mann gets the backstage pass to the X-Games along with a couple of playmates. They continue their antics by hitting all the crazy parties along the way. Then Jenn ramps it up by leaping out of a plane at 10,000 feet over pristine Lake Tahoe. Art at Moto-X school shows he’s a straight A student.

E11 - Moscow/San Diego

San Diego is L.A.’s ugly little sister no more, she is all grown up and ready for the Wild Side. Art the Mann gets bleary eyed checking out the thriving nightlife into the wee morning hours. And in Russia, the heavy hand of communist oppression is long gone, Jenn and the Bikini Destination models chill out in Moscow, on the rocks you might say. The Moscovites are definitely reveling in their new found freedoms.