rider: Mike Henitiuk photo: courtesy of Seeking Nirvana

Flicks. Talkies. Motion Pictures. Whatever you call ’em, EDGEtv Influencers have been pumping out sick vids in spades. We dedicate this issue to all of you pushing both the limits and the RECORD button. Now press PLAY…

Pirates of the Ski

What’s better than skiing untracked powder with a few mates? Answer: Voyaging on a 36-foot sailing vessel to get to said untracked powder. EDGEtv Influencers, Riley LeboeMatt MargettsJoe Schuster, and Mike Henitiuk have outdone themselves with this Season 2 opener for Seeking Nirvana: The Tales of Vienna. Rad music and narration by EDGEtv Influencer, Colby James West. Watch and drool.

West Coastin’

EDGEtv Influencer, Angelika Schriber, dropped in to California for a quick cablewake session at Velocity Island Park. So calm, so smooth…this is the future of Wake.

Day in da Liiiiife!

drone shot: Kevin Pritchard

EDGEtv Influencer, Sarah Hauser, is an optimist. Where most surfers see windy, blown-out conditions, she simply rigs up her sail and windsurfs…and windsurfs extremely well. Check this vid for a rad insight to the life of a world-class athlete.

For the Girls

video: Nicola Butler

Yeah, International Women’s Day was two months ago, but we’re down for celebrating it every day. Pretty inspiring stuff from Melissa MarquardtAngelika Schriber, and friends!

Jake Caster Winning!

This is how you have to ride to take 1st Place at the 2017 Surfs Up NH Tropical Wave Shred. EDGEtv Influencer, Jake Caster, brought down the house with this winning ride. Yew!

Welcome to EDGEtv, Matty Hasler!

video: Ryan Jones

We’re stoked to work with Matty Hasler, Former WWA Wake Park World Champion. He’s now a full-time operator at Gold Coast Wake Park… and Angelika Schriber’s boyfriend. Or Angelika Schriber is Matty’s girlfriend. Or, uh, ok, they’re very much in love and very much raising the bar in all things wake. Welcome to Team EDGEtv, Matty!

The Vid Issue

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