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“God has cared for these trees, saved them from drought, disease, avalanches, and a thousand tempests and floods. But he cannot save them from fools.” -John Muir

Now is the time to reach out to the fools who would drill for oil at any cost, who would bury the wild places under cement, who would slaughter the animals for profit. Simply calling them fools accomplishes nothing.

They are fools, perhaps, because they don’t know the sweet silence of a high desert dusk, the anticipation of making first tracks with old friends, the satisfaction of backpacking and leaving no trace, the rapture of an alpenglow dawn.

How can the enlightened ones reach across the chasm to the fools? One way is to get out there and keep being awesome. To show and share the good life you live. To make it so irresistible and magical, that even the fools convert and see the truth in protecting the Wild Places and the only known inhabitable planet.

Here are a few EDGEtv Influencers living by example…

Send Love to Your Momma

photo courtesy of Klaus Schlickmann
Rafael Bridi’s love of Mother Nature inspired him to start this year with a huge highline – the second longest highline in the USA at 330 meters.
“With the idea to create less impact and keep a good relationship with the park rangers,” said Bridi, “We rigged the highline in a natural anchor style (which doesn’t place any bolts on rocks, leaving no trace).

“Long highlines tend to be a very intense meditative experience. Spending over 20 minutes on each crossing I can connect deeply with my breathing and my most subtle movements to keep the balance, the present state, and the momentum.”

photos courtesy of @natgeoadventure and fred_pompermayer

“It was definitely a pleasure to start a year this way. Surrounded with good friends, reaching new projects, and exploring the endless possibilities that our beautiful outdoors offer to us. Always interesting with respect and trying to only leave a trace of good energy and connection.”

The Muir abides!

Environmental Goals

Angelika Schriber appeared in Still Stoked’s article, “Top Female Athletes Share Their Environmental Goals For 2017.” 

Check out her goals, which include bringing her own water bottles and using her own bamboo straw to cut down on plastic use. Bamboo straws? That’s rad.

“Expeditions always bring light and life to my world,” Dax Justin said as he prepared to give his TED talk – “How I Slayed Addiction With Nature.”

According to Larissa Roque, who attended the sold out event, “The day ended with an emotional earthquake when Dax Justin hit the stage and shared his journey, from “dead and alive” to “feels alive.” It was the most honest, raw and unvarnished delivery of a very intimate story.”

Sign up here to hear the TEDx talk when it goes live on YouTube. Congratulations, Dax!

Close Encounters of the Furred (and not so furred) Kind

A seal jumping on the boat to rock out to Led Zeppelin? Bikini-clad women swimming with sharks? Check out EDGEtv’s new article about EDGEtv Influencers’ rad encounters with the Landlords themselves. Afterall, it’s their world, we’re just playing in it.

The Mountains Are Calling

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