Are you a Man? If so, this show is a must watch. Each episode teams with men’s interests, like: “7 Things to Do Before You Die”; “7 Ways to Spice Up Your Life”; “7 Ways to Live Like a Rock Star”; “7 Ways to Pump Up Your Social Status.” Be a Man and watch this show!

Season 1

Episode 1

This week The Men7 Show uncovers 7 ways to impress the girl of your dreams. Dive into adventure by taking her on an exotic shark dive in the Bahamas. Or set sail on the French Riviera for a romantic retreat that will have her speaking the language of love. These are 7 things every guy needs to know to get that girl wrapped around his finger.

On this episode of The Men7 Show, we’ll show you 7 of the coolest ways to celebrate your big promotion. You may not have that corner office yet, but that’s no reason not to party in style. We’ll show you how to navigate the hottest spots on ever-changing the Vegas strip; how to step-up your pre-game action with a high-tech tailgate party; and help you live out every guy’s fantasy, as we send you to Kandyland, the Playboy Mansion’s sexiest soiree of the year.

On this episode of The Men7 Show, we reveal 7 sure-fire ways to mend a broken heart. Why schlep around your apartment when you could be hang-gliding over Rio and partying with Brazilian beauties? Or going skydiving over the Acapulco coastline? And once you meet the gorgeous models of Deal or No Deal, chances are you won’t be thinking about your former fling. It’s 7 ways to get you revved up and back in the game..

On this episode of The Men7 Show, we’re coming at you with 7 Wild Weekend Ideas. You’ve put in a 40 hour work week, now it’s time to reward yourself with 48 hours of non-stop fun. We’ll take you on a whirlwind trip to trendy and tropical South Beach Miami; then we’ve got our sights set on the most advanced weapons around at the Scottsdale Gun Club; and watch the world’s best pilots do battle at speeds up to 370 km per hour through a harrowing aerial obstacle course.

Episode 7

Rock stars can be just like any other guy, but when they strap on the guitar or hit the mike, the girls go wild. It’s a mystery that the MEN7 brain trust has been working on, and we’ve come up with seven ways you can catch some of that mystique. Start by spending some session time with the great Earth, Wind, and Fire. Then, shred a few rounds of Guitar Hero with metal gods Puddle Of Mudd. Or how about an aerial dogfight with KORN’s Jonathan Davis? (everything is real but the bullets!) Maybe getting the high-roller treatment at the Atlantis Bahamas will kickstart your mojo? Or kicking back in the ultimate tour bus? And we’ll spend a day and night with hip-hop upstart Fannius. So watch MEN7, strap on some leather pants, and start collecting groupies!