EDGEtv is all about sharing the love. Without our awesome viewers, readers, subscribers, and followers, we’d be up a creek without a paddle.

In this issue, we throw a big shaka shoutout to our EDGEtv Influencers…the lads and lasses out there on the frontlines, tucking into barrels, wingsuit flying off cliffs, rigging slacklines over rivers, pioneering backcountry lines, two-wheelin’, flipping snowmobiles, and rocking riffs that drive us all.

The Aerialists

Base-Jump – Skydive – Wingsuit – Slackline

Talk about sharing the love… Braden Dean (CAN) and Suz Graham (CAN) give dating a whole new dimension.

Carl Marrs (US), Freefly Couple (Eduardo Coelho and Natalia Horikawa, Brazil), Griffin Turner (US), Liz Thomas (US), Gabriel Aglio (Brazil), and Rafael Zugno Bridi (Brazil) come from places all over the globe, but they have at least one thing in common: grace and athleticism waaaaaay up in the air.

Deg Pealstrom (US) only knows two speeds: Fast and Faster.          photo: Charlie Gressett

Behind the Scene = On the Scene

Behind every rad photo, film, and story are the folks behind the cameras and pens. Film-makers Dustin Hollick (AUS), Rhian Slapp (AUS) and  Angie Davis (AUS), Photographers Dax Justin (CAN) and Moss Halladay (US) and Writer Jeff McElroy (US) document the stories and mythology of our tribe.

Surf – Skate – Snow

Shredding in warm water, frozen water, or on the pavement, Influencers Andre Phillip (Caribbean) Mary Osborne (US) Evan Mock (US) Malia Osterkamp (US) Mike Henitiuk (CAN) Riley Leboe (CAN) Matt Margetts (CAN), Joe Schuster (CAN), and Melissa Marquardt (US) remind us why we started…cuz it’s fun.


Music and sports go together like chips & salsa.

Shoegaze/Dream Rock, EDM, Blues Rock, Folk, Pop/Rock, Punk, DJ….

EDGEtv is excited to connect with so many innovative and talented musical artists:

Jocelyn & Chris Arndt (US)

The Baltic (US)

Flip Like Wilson (UK)

Milojko Jarik (Serbia)

Goran Toprek (Serbia)

Eric Halborg (US)

Symmetry (US)

Chris Vicente (US)

Daniel Morgan Jones (US)

The Influencer Issue

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About The Author
- Jeff McElroy is a Ventura and Mammoth Lakes-based writer. His surf/coast-inspired short story collections, CALIFORNIOS and CALIFORNIOS 2 have received awards and accolades within the boardsport and literary communities. He writes about adventure athletes and the wild places for EDGEtv Network. When he's not writing, he's surfing, backpacking, snowboarding, and trail-running with his wife and Jack Russell Terrier.

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