rider: Sarah Hauser photo: Jimmie Hepp

“You surf like a girl.”

This used to be a derogatory comment.

Not anymore. Thanks to pioneers like Missy Giove and Layne Beachley, women are pushing the limits in every extreme sports arena. EDGEtv has been humbled by the images and video content pouring in from our female influencers.

This issue is a salute to all women rippers. Check out what some of our she-warriors are up to!

Girl on a Wave

Sarah Hauser can ride a wave on anything – a surfboard, a SUP board, a windsurf board, probably even a cutting board! Sarah is the American Windsurfing Tour Champion and the subject of a documentary, Girl on Wave.

Hailing from New Caledonia, Sarah moved to Maui to realize her dream of becoming an all-around Waterwoman. She combines professionalism, incredible physical fitness, and a laid back attitude.

The Prodigy

Ella Sorensen is 12-years-old and already the Amateur World Champion (beating women 3 to 4 times her age). Straight outta Minnesota, Ella is also a top-notch snowboarder while she waits for the lakes to thaw.

Read more about her visions for the future of wake, the way she got fed up with sitting on the sidelines watching her brother and decided to start shredding, and her pizza dilemma in a fresh EDGEtv article, Sibbling Shredders.

Cover Girl

Angelika Schriber became the first ever female to grace the cover of Union Wakeboarder Magazine

Check this sick video to see why…

The Queen in the North

Lucy Campbell defended her title for the 3rd time in a row at the UK Pro Surf event in Thurso. Then she was off to Ireland to score some cold water bombs like these…

Oh yeah, she can shred in warm water, too. Check out this sweet vid for Olympus

Siren Song

Jocelyn Arndt continues to make beautiful music with her brother, Chris. Their album, “Edges,” was nominated Album of the Year by Sinister Girlz.

Jocelyn and Chris have released the holiday album, Still, which the Huffington Post describes as, “A deeply-felt holiday EP that’s as raw and enjoyable as cookie dough. This is music in its purest form.”

Light the fire, spice the eggnog, and listen to this smooth blues with beauatiful vocals and classic guitar tones.

Also check out this sweet article in the Women’s International Music Network.

Our favorite Jocelyn quote?

“I have an opportunity to walk out onto that stage and absolutely knock peoples’ socks off. Girl? I’ll show you ‘girl’.”

Rock on.

The Future is Female

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