rider: Alex Coleborn photo: courtesy Nitro Circus

What do you do when you’ve reached the top of your game? You keep rising, and you give back. This summer, we’ve been stoked to watch some living legends carrying the fire, collaborating, and giving the up-and-comings the same opportunities that helped them get where they are today. 

Nitro Circus

EDGEtv had rain boots on the ground at Travis Pastrana’s Nitro Circus in his hometown of Annapolis, MD. Over 22,000 spectators packed the Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium despite the rain storms that paused the event twice.

photos courtesy of Travis Pastrana

Pastrana faced some serious hurdles to make the show go on; some residents didn’t want the show to happen at all and, of course, the weather had its own ideas. But Travis has made an entire career out of accomplishing things nobody thought he could do. Ever the class act, Travis made sure the spectators got to see the best of FMX and raised money for the local community and veterans’ groups like Warrior Events. For the Travis, the show will always go on.

Proud Mary

EDGEtv Contributor, Mary Osborne, is currently guiding 12 teenage girls through her hometown of Ventura, CA as part of her Teen Surfari Camp. These lucky girls get to tap into Mary’s wisdom as she shows them that surfing is about more than standing up on a board and riding a wave. It’s a total lifestyle that encompasses health, mindfulness, and community.

Ever the steward of her local land, sea, and community, Mary took the girls on a whirlwind tour of Ventura’s businesses such as Patagonia, Betty Belts, and Tiki Girl where they learned about sustainable practices and responsible supply chain philosophies.

After an empowering journaling exercise, the girls enjoyed s’mores over a beach-front bonfire. These girls will go home with a lot to think about and a strong surfing game to boot!

In an Instagram post, Mary said, “So absolutely excited my camps & escapes made it in Sunset Magazine’s ’10 Best Surfcamps in the West.’ Wahoo!!”

So rad, Mary!

Her next escape is the October luxury surf&yoga Rancho Santana Nicaragua.

Spots are filling up quickly!

Dax Justin + Seeking Nirvana

photos: Dax Justin

We’re drooling over the collaboration that went down last week between Dax Justin and the Seeking Nirvana boys: Matt Margetts, Mike Henitiuk, Riley Leboe, and Joe Schuster. According to Dax: “The collaboration is complete and we have some rad images of the Seeking Nirvana boys! I booted it and drove to Whistler from Calgary to shoot them and come back. It was a wild 48hr tear!”

For now, we leave you with this “sneak peek.” More to come when the leaves start changing and all eyes are on the coming storms.

Bittersweet X Games

Bob Burnquist announced his retirement at the 2017 X Games in Minneapolis. He skated in every X Games since it began in 1995. Sip a cold one tonight in honor of this legend!

Summer of Legends

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