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Summer can bring mixed emotions for adventurers. It can mean crowded parking lots, exposure to bad tanlines, long lulls between hurricane swells, and Doritos bags blowing like tumbleweeds across the sand.

But it can also mean warm water, thawed-out hiking trails, and those long, tender evenings when you can’t believe it’s still light but you crawl into your sleeping bag anyway to watch the bats hunt amidst Lodgepole Pine silhouettes.

Either way, it’s almost Summer-Time in the Northern Hemisphere, and the livin’ is easy… Cheers!!!

Pack it In, Pack it Out

photo: courtesy of Fox News Chicago

Come on, people. We are better than this. Behind each piece of trash on the beach is a person who somehow didn’t get the memo that the beach is not a dumpster. We can get angry about the situation, but anger is not activism. Activism is:

-Joining a beach cleanup. Check out your local Surfrider Foundation for cleanup events.

-Getting out there with a bag and a gloves or a grabber (if you don’t want to touch that nasty lipstick-stained styrofoam cup). There’s something incredibly humbling and therapeutic about filling a bag of trash before paddling out.

-Talking to the culprits in a calm manner. Remember, everyone is at a different level of enlightenement. Some folks never had a parent or teacher to tell them why you can’t leave a Big Gulp in the sand.

Be the change!

Welcome to EDGEtv, Igor!

Straight outta Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, new EDGEtv Contributor, Igor Zambelli, is currently working as an acrobat in Michael Jackson ONE by Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas. Igor practices a specialized type of slacklining called tricklining, and it translates perfectly to the high-energy acrobatics required for ONE.

His advice for aspiring slack/trickliners is classic, “Keep your feet straight, your knees slightly bent, arms up. If you want to learn slacklining, keep in mind that frustration is the fuel. Balance is involuntary, no need to think too much, your body knows what it has to do, you just need to believe it and practice A LOT!”

Amen, Igor!

Helly Hansen + Dax Justin

In EDGEtv Contributor, Dax Justin’s, own words:

“**ENTIRE BODY & FINGERS VIBRATING AS I TYPE THIS** It comes as a complete honor to proudly announce that I’m now officially supported by Helly Hansen! Becoming an HH Ambassador means that a (completely wild & unattainable) dream has come true, but to know that I’m partnered with a company who has been innovating in the outdoor industry since 1877 is mind-shattering to me!

“I’ve always known HH gear to be one thing: OUTLASTING. And that is what I fully intend on delivering.”

Congrats, Dax!

Welcome to EDGEtv, Scott!

Warm EDGEtv welcome to Scott Witman! World traveler, seeker, and Anthony Bourdain disciple, Scott brings a tolerant and curious perspective to all places and cultures. His mission is to find the greatest shamans, mystics, psychics, and healers. Last we heard, he was chilling with dogs and rainbows in Cusco, Peru!


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