Following an ensemble of athletes on trips and competitive tours.

Season 4

E6 - The Roof of South America

Sail Plane Racing is the ultimate test of man and machine against nature. High above the towering peaks of the Andes in South America, pilots push the absolute limits of their aircraft, this epic event pits the very best of them against each other.

E13 - Mountain Race

Five days, five different sites and a different discipline each day, thats the program for the Saab Salomon Mountain X Race in the French Alps; an innovative multi-sports racing concept that becomes reality at the foot of Europes highest peaks.

E17 - River Gods

Kayakers call the perfect whitewater with clean lines embedded in stunning scenery, “River Gods”. To find these ‘River Gods’, Extreme Kayak World Champion Sam Sutton, the Adidas Sickline team, and kayak filmmaker Olaf Obsommer travel the world together.

E20- Climbing Cerro Kishtwar

Kashmir, India is home to some of the worlds most spectacular and mystical mountains. This region has lain silent in the mountaineering community for almost 2 decades. Within these Himalayan valleys is an endless array of magnificent summits

E26 - Cold Water Classic

The Cold Water Classic Series is one of the most demanding and brutal in the sport of surfing. We journey to the Mecca of North American surfing Santa Cruz and join the surfers in the tumultuous chop of the Pacific Ocean.