SLS World Tour 2018 Los Angeles

SLS World Tour Los Angeles

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A hop, skip, and ollie away from Dogtown, the second stop of the Street League Skateboarding (SLS) World Tour went down on July 7th at the Galen Center in Downtown Los Angeles. With temperatures reaching 115 outside, this was the coolest place to be for skaters and fans. With a stacked competitor list, all eyes were on Yuto Horigome, the 19-year-old sensation who took 1st Place in the London SLS event. Also, fans were stoked to watch Nyjah Huston make his comeback after a knee injury. With a sick street course setup and a packed stadium, it was ON!

Pictured Left: Chris Joslin, Yuto Horigome, Kelvin Hoefler

Pictured: Nyjah Huston

Yuto Horigome came out with all guns blazing in the second heat, stomping every trick, including a Nollie 270 back lip which put him in an early lead. But the old-school Street Leaguers weren’t about to sit back and let this rookie take it easy. Felipe Gustavo landed a perfect SW Flip B/S Nosegrind down the Hubba. Then, Manny Santiago rocked a Varial Heel F/S board, an F/S Shuv-it B/S 5-0, and a Varial Heel B/S 5050, sending him to first place with a 34.6.

Manny’s skating spoke for itself, but he was also a crowd favorite for his infectious charisma and spirituality. Always smiling and waving to the fans, you couldn’t help but like the guy!

Zion Wright made it to the finals with massive transition trick combos like a Gap to F/S Noseblunt and B/S 360 Disaster Revert. A B/S Lip and 270 B/S Lip put him comfortably in 3rd Place. Later in the event, while warming up for the finals, Zion suffered a serious concussion and was stretchered off to the hospital, but not before smiling and “throwing the horns” to a relieved audience. With an attitude like that, he’ll be back on the circuit in no time.

The final was like a Game of Thrones episode on steroids. Yuto Horigome, Chris Joslin, Nyjah Huston, Manny Santiago, Kelvin Hoefler, Felipe Gustavo, and Tommy Flynn exchanged runs, gladiator-style. Yuto was landing 9-clubs (9.0s) like nobody’s business, only to be answered by Nyjah’s massive Gap to F/S 5-0 down the big rail and a Gap to Over Noseblunt on the tech rail.

Chris Joslin came out with a nod to Steve Caballero (watching from the bleachers) by stomping a full-cab flip down the big set, which earned him the highest score in the contest (9.5). But in the end, it was Yuto’s consistency and raw talent that would see him to the top of the podium. His Nollie 270 B/S Tail was something out of a video game. He has now taken 1st Place in the first two stops of the SLS and 1st Place in the Dew Tour. Could he be the next Tony Hawk? Only time will tell, and we can’t wait to keep watching this 19-year-old soar!

SLS World Tour 2018 Los Angeles

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