Seeking Nirvana 3.2 – Hard Nose The Highway

The most Northern point of British Columbia is a locale all it’s own. Taller mountains, greater forests and more blank spaces on the map. There is a reason they call the North the ‘Last Frontier.’ There are chapters yet to be written and stories to be told. Follow these 4 men as they embark on a road trip into the unknown searching out untapped mountains, bottomless powder and challenging terrain in a boundless wilderness.

#SeekingNirvana #StrangeAdventures


Mike Henitiuk / @mikeheni
Joe Schuster / @joe_schuster
Matt Margetts / @mattmargetts
Riley Leboe / @rileyleboe

Northern British Columbia

Supported By:
EDGEtv – @edgetvnetwork
Norrøna – @norrona
Tyrolia – @tyroliabindings

Editing, Sound and Colour:
Leigh Powis

Taylor Loughran

Aerial Cinematography:
Kieran Nikula

Additional Cinematography:
Jeff Thomas

Colby James West
Jay Henitiuk

Special Thanks:
Ian Cosco
Tintina Air
Travel Northern BC – @travelnorthernbc

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