Scott Witman

Cusco, Peru | Traveling the world in search of greatness
Scott Witman
“See as much of the world as you possibly can. There is magic out there beyond our wildest dreams. Also, pick your 3 closest friends as if your life depends on it. Because it does.”

Where are you from? Where do you live now?

I was born in Arlington, Virginia in the United States. I currently live in Cusco, Peru but I am most likely relocating to Bali in August of this year (2017).

What do you have for breakfast in the morning?

I have Bulletproof Coffee (coffee mixed with coconut oil and grass-fed butter), eggs, and bacon. If I don’t have coffee in places where coffee is accessible, I can get CRANKY!

What words / motto / advice do you live by?

See as much of the world as you possibly can. There is magic out there beyond our wildest dreams. Also, pick your 3 closest friends as if your life depends on it. Because it does.

What one or two things do you currently do in your training that are keys to your success?

I read and write my goals every single day when I wake up. I push things way beyond the comfort zone of most people.

If someone wanted to start learning your craft, how do you recommend they get started? Resources?

I travel a lot in developing countries as an integral part of my work. I would lose all shyness by initiating conversations with strangers at least once a day. When you travel in foreign countries where you don’t speak the language, you will sometimes need help. Practice engaging with others.

Who do you look up to in your profession and why?

I look up to Anthony Bourdain. I think he’s a great storyteller and a tough traveler. I don’t think people realize how challenging his job is to do, day in and day out, for decades. Sure, he stays at fancy hotels now that he’s a millionaire, but you have to have a very particular resilience to be an excellent storyteller on the road all the time under adverse conditions.

Favorite music / podcasts / shows / games / books?

The Tim Ferriss Show podcast is one of my greatest inspirations for self-improvement. He also wrote a book called the 4-Hour Work Week that was my original inspiration to live abroad in different locations. Additionally, Bulletproof Radio by Dave Asprey regarding biohacking is exceptional and helped my brain bust me out of a life that wasn’t fulfilling. I am a focused and competitive Jenga player! I like anything Depeche Mode, The xx, The Naked and Famous, Phantogram, B0rns, and many different kinds of electronic dance music.

What events do you attend (concerts, sporting events, festivals, charity and volunteer work, etc.)?

When I lived in downtown Los Angeles, I used to love going to music concerts, but I’m not usually into those huge music festivals like FYF and Coachella and the like. If I’m going to go through that kind of trouble (i.e. Coachella or Burning Man), I’d usually prefer to be on a plane to a foreign country. I like any kind of travel convention. I LOVE watching football (meaning soccer) with thousands of people in a crowded square anywhere in Europe or South America. The energy and enthusiasm for football around the world is intoxicating.

Do you enjoy creating/co-producing your own video content? How can EDGEtv help?

Making travel videos about spirituality and spiritual teachers is my passion. It is my life right now and for the future. I love to show people beautiful, awe-inspiring places around the world that change their point of view about what is possible. I like to inspire people that feel stuck in life. Eventually, I’d like to have a crew of people to help make television programming at a higher video quality level.

What are you looking for in a network? How can our network, EDGEtv, improve?

I’m looking for a network that inspires people to really get out there in the world and test themselves. To live beyond conventional parameters. I think EDGEtv is doing an excellent job of that on a lot of different fronts. EDGEtv is already improving by branching out into areas of adventure and exploration that don’t necessarily have to do with pushing physical limits..but, now, exploring some of the mental ones. I jumped out of a plane last year at 18,000 feet, but giving up my life in the U.S., selling all my possessions, and moving to Peru was scarier than that.

Scott Witman

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