School’s back in session, which means doodling hot chicks and sick barrels on all your notebooks.

In the spirit of Ramen, keggers, and making out with your sweetheart in your parents’ Astrovan, we take a look at EDGEtv’s new-school lineup, old skool style!


When new EDGEtv Influencer, Natalie Paladin, was 12-years-old, she dreamed of owning a Harley. 18 years later, after an insane career of rock climbing, mountaineering, flying aerobatic planes, skydiving, wakeboarding, brand modeling, and sports marketing…she’s got her Harley.

In case you were wondering, she’s also the covergirl for this newsletter!

Kevin Henshaw eats a lot of chicken.

Oh yeah, and he absolutely kills it on a wakeboard.

And get this: he built his own wakeboard superpark, by hand, on his Florida property. He calls it Area 52.

For Johannesburg, South Africa native, Angelika Schriber, wakeboarding is something that keeps her true to herself and enables her to be a role model for kids.

She’s taking Cable Wakeboarding to the EDGE.

Sarah Hauser is a wave-rider… she windsurfs, SUPs, and surfs. For the New Caledonia native (now calling Maui home), it’s all about surfing a wave and then surfing the next wave even better!

Whether she’s racing or just goofing around in the water with friends, it’s all surfing to her.

photo: Jimmie Hepp

Band Geeks

Jocelyn and Chris Arndt played at MONDO.NYC, a festival for music fans, artists, tech pioneers and entertainment professionals to converge and celebrate music, technology and the entertainment industry.

As part of the festivities, put together this sweet video interview with J&C about the music apps and gadgets they use to create music on the go.

Melodic Caring Project founders, Levi and Stephanie Ware, were chosen to bring the 501c3 music and tech program to the White House Lawn at SXSL.

UK rockers, Straight Jacket Legends, have the first ever Twinkies guitars! They also have a Crunchy Nut cereal box guitar. This is just one way to celebrate their major record deal with TME Japan which puts their records in every HMV and Tower Records. Check the reveal here.

Now wer’e just waiting for a banana guitar…

Driver’s Ed

Three-time X Games medalist and US Open Big Air Champion, Colby James West, has put the skis aside and taken the drift car driving wheel. We think he might have a future in comedy, too!

School Sessions

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