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Mark Twain said, “I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.” No doubt, school is important, but there’s something rad about the education we get after cleaning out our lockers, turning in our textbooks, and hitting the roads and trails with backpacks and good friends.

EDGEtv Contributors are no strangers to finding wisdom in the wild places. They learn about physics by grabbing a rail or wingsuiting over a fjord. They learn about the history and culture of, say, Morocco, by going there and windsurfing the storied coastlines. And they learn philosophy over bonfire conversations and brews.

Check out how some of our Contributors are learning by doing.

Moroccan Magic

EDGEtv Contributor, Sarah Hauser took 2nd Place in the 2017 International Windsurfing Tour at Spot X in Morocco. With perfect “victory at sea” conditions, the level of competition was all-time.

Though Sarah was stoked with the windsurfing, she was equally pumped on her experiences with local culture and the natural beauty of the coastline.

“We had the best accommodation ever,” Sarah wrote in a Facebook post. “A true nomad camp set up on the beach, right on the spot. The tents were made out of camel fur, we had mint tea (also called the “berebere whiskey” probably because of the amount of sugar it contains which makes it a treat) and tajines everyday as well as “amlou” (almond butter with argan oil).”

And…as if kissing a camel wasn’t cool enough, Sarah returned home to Maui to sign an international distribution deal for her sweet film, Girl on Wave!

So stoked for you, Sarah!

The Mindful Life

Wim Hof Method, Nepal Trekking, Save Our Winters…wait, wait, wait, what? You heard right, EDGEtv Contributor, Angie Davis, seems to be everywhere at once, interested in everything under the moon, yet centered, calm, and mindful.

She has chosen to incorporate the Wim Hof Method into her life. It’s a blend of meditation, yoga, and breathing techniques that combines extreme natural elements (think, freezing temperatures) to promote mindfulness and inner awareness. Wim Hof is also exploring the method as a means of concsiously controlling the immune system!

Oh yeah, Angie is also leading a trek through Nepal with her two sons November 15th – 27th, and public registration is open, but filling up fast. The trek will be, “An 11-day expedition in the Nepali Himalayas, raising funds for Her Farm Nepal Women’s Refuge.┬áThe trek will take us through the sacred Hindu and Buddhist pilgrimage path in the Gosainkunda Lake region, one of the most beautiful areas of the Nepali Himalayas. There will be opportunities for peak climbs, and cold immersion (swimming in bikinis/shorts) in frozen lakes for participants with experience in the Wim Hof Method.

“All trekkers will be set up with a public fundraising page to raise donations for Her Farm that will contribute to a new Greenhouse for the women and a Women’s Micro-Finance Fund to empower the community.”

Check out Angie’s Instagram for more info.

Welcome to EDGEtv, Jared!

“It’s a perfect morning for coffee and Bob Dylan.”

A-freakin’-men, Jared.

This singer/songwriter based out of Missoula, MT finds his roots in Dylan, and looks up to Jason Mraz. Why does he admire Mraz? Because, “Every time I listen to one of his songs I find something new or see the song in a whole new light. He has some of the most loyal fans I have ever seen, myself being one of them. That is such an important role when it comes to making a career out of your own hands. There is also the Jason Mraz Foundation which is another way that he has given back to his community. That is so big for me because if you are lucky enough to have a spotlight on you then I believe it is your duty to the world to share it and help make this eath a better place.”

Welcome to Team EDGEtv, Jared Langford!

School is Out – Adventure is In

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