Sarah Hauser

Maui | Windsurfer
  • Windsurfing, Stand Up Paddling, Surfing, Slackline and Free Diving
  • Grooving’ Mozs, Les 3 Petits Cochons, John Butler Trio, The Police, ACDC…
“I’m tiny but strong, some people say I’m cute, others think I’m crazy.”

What are you looking for in a Network?

Get involved in cool projects, meet people & places.

What events do you attend?

Mostly American Windsurfing Tour events.

Who do you look up to in your profession and why?

My husband, Casey Hauser, who’s always the best he can ever be to people no matter what

Do you create/co-produce your own video content?

Yes, I film, direct and edit as an amateur.

Do you play video games?

I don’t

Do you belong to any charities or non-profits, do volunteer work?

Positive H2O, a movement for clean water that brings together a community of athletes, conservationists, non-profits and corporations to create purposeful solutions that facilitate positive change on a local to global scale

What are the top 5 brands you’d like to work with?

Red Bull, Alaska Airline, Avene, Toyota and Whole Foods

Sarah Hauser

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