EDGEtv’s roots go deep.

Before The X Games. Before GoPro. Before everything we now consider Extreme and/or Action Sports, a couple of surf, skate, BMX, and ski-addicted misfits had a vision of grandeur and knew their calling was to make films, TV shows, and a TV channel about their lifestyle of extreme sports and music.

The year was 1987. EDGEtv Founder, Casey Bennett, EDGEtv President, Ian Woods, and EDGEtv Executive Producer and CCO, Lloyd Bryan Molander, formed a friendship and made the decision that would shape the rest of their lives.

Not only would their syndicated channels (Planet X, The Extremists, FUEL, and more) allow them to live the dream of documenting the best extreme sports athletes on the planet, but they shaped an entire generation by bringing the word “Extreme” into the mainstream lexicon (Extreme Doritos! Taco Bell Extreme Nachos!).

Read more about our radical roots on the EDGEtv blog.

EDGEtv at Crankworx 2016

OG Lloyd Bryan Molander was all smiles in August as he watched the 2016 Crankworx event go down in Whistler BC. “What they’re doing on bikes now is just incredible,” he said.

Must be pretty rad for him to witness the explosion of this core culture he helped to create. It’s safe to say, the kids are alright!

See you next summer at Crankworx in Innsbruck, Austria!

Jocelyn & Chris Arndt @ Hollywood's Hotel Cafe

EDGEtv’s Director of Operations and Legal Affairs, Shirley Huang, was honored to attend an intimate set by Jocelyn & Chris Arndt last week.

Read more about what she describes as “a heady, soulful rock-jam vibe that went great with my Old-Fashioned,” here.

Mind the Blog

EDGEtv’s Blog is the place to go a little deeper into the lifestyle of our cherished adventure sport community. Perfect for plane flights, gondola rides, the bathroom…wait, what?

Roots, Radicals

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