The Rip to the Tip is a yearly pilgrimage to the Baja, where motorcycle riders attempt to complete the ultimate goal of “Full Pull.” From the US/Mexico border to Cabo San Lucas, founder Cameron Steele leads the many riders over eight days and a thousand miles of dirt, mountains, sand, and water.

Season 1


Day one starts with an early morning boarder crossing. The group starts at Tecate, Mexico and rides to the top of the Rumarosa Grade, then dips down to the flats of Laguna Slada. After many miles of desert sand blasting and a lost lunch, the group is back up the mountain trail to the Summit, and then on the Mikes Sky Rancho to round out the 255 mile leg.


Day two and the Rip is suddenly stopped after a 100 miles of heavy sand trails when tragedy strikes. Jeff Kargola is involved in a single bike accident. He is quickly airlifted to a hospital in San Rafeal but later succumbs to his injuries. The entire crew is stunned and upon learning the fate of their friend, the group gathers to remember Ox.


After a night of soul searching, most of the riders decide to finish what they started in memory of Ox. Rolling out on day three brings a long 250 mile leg. The riders begin the first half by traversing the coastal beaches, then turn inland at Coco’s Corner to hit the beautiful Window Rock single track. Ultimately arriving in L.A. Bay where local fans pay tribute to Ox.


Day five finds the riders beginning in the highlands of San Ignacio. The first destination is a fishing camp about 70 miles away, then on to Punta Santo Domingo on the Pacific Ocean. After a break, the riders head back across the Baja to there final location to the day, Muege. Day 6 finds the rippers picking upadditional riders and taking a detour to see ancient petroglyphs. After making there way through miles silt beds, the group arrives at Loreto for the evening.


The riders begin day 7 with on of the longest legs of the Rip. Beginning at Loreto, the group heads down the coast to Agua Verde, then switches inland across the mountain landing in Punta Conejo on the Pacific. They then traverse back across the baja via the Steps to land in La Paz. Day 8 brings a straight shot down the coast to the rider’s final destination of Cabo San Lucas.