You might have seen a Trasharoo on the highway and wondered, “Why is that truck wearing a cute little backpack?” These “cute little backpacks” are helping responsible trail use in a big way and, also, they ain’t so little (you can pack the Christmas tree in one for your annual winter desert bonfire).

Dave Druck, the President of CTP Inc. (the company that makes Trasharoo) is an avid overlander who was tired of and saddened by seeing so much trash on his beloved trails. He would pull over to pack trash out as he found it, but some of it was too nasty to carry along on camping trips. Stuff like dirty diapers and smooshed burritos in shredded aluminum wrappers would stink up the cab. So he went to work on developing the Trasharoo: a trail-tough denier bag that can be strapped to a spare tire or the back of a tailgate, cinched tight, and easily hosed out for the next expedition.

As a Tread Lightly Trainer, Dave Druck infused his mission statement with a rad conservation message: “Keep our trails open and land clean. Pack it in and pack it out. Make a quality product that will last for years or don’t make it at all.”


Many old-school off roaders have plenty of stories about trails they used to enjoy that are now closed due to human negligence. Some folks see the deserts as places to dump trash and don’t realize that, not only are they disturbing a fragile and beautiful ecosystem, but also ruining the sport for future generations. The Trasharoo is a way to help clean up the landscape while having fun.

Trasharoo’s are built to carry up to 50lbs, constructed from heavy duty 900 denier canvas with double-stitched nylon straps, and feature water resistant interiors and drainage holes on the bottom. The bags also feature extra pockets and Molle straps for additional storage. The “X” strap design can fit a tire up to 40″ and can also be used for tailgate mounting.

Little known fact: You can wear a Trasharoo on your back for emergency/bug-out situations!

May your trails be long, dusty and, free of trash…. with a cold beer at the end!

Overlanding Series: Trasharoo!

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