Moss Halladay

Truckee, California | Photographer, Videographer and Athlete
  • Tourist, Hippie Sabotage, Thomas Jack
  • Snowboarding, Climbing, Adventuring
” I am an photographer/videographer/ athlete living in Truckee California.. I am versatile in the fact that I can snowboard on pro level as well as film and shoot photos on a professional level.”

What are you looking for in a Network?

I am looking for the chance to highlight the lifestyle I have created for myself and inspire people to go after their own dreams.

What events do you attend?

This past year I attended the world championships of snowboarding in Yabuli China. I have gone to What The Festival in Dufur Oregon the past two years and it’s amazing.

Who do you look up to in your profession and why?

There are many that I look up to. Photographer Abe Blair and videographer Conor Toumarkine for teaching and giving me opportunities to expand my photography. My friend Jason Halladay for his ability to do awesome things. Scott Marketwitz for taking a similar path to the one I have. He was a professional skier that turned into a photographer. He is one of the leading outdoor photographers around. My unlce Wes for always pushing me to make my ideas happen.

Do you create/co-produce your own video content?


Do you play video games?

No, I prefer to create a real life video game.

What are the top 5 brands you’d like to work with?

National Geographic, Nike, The North Face, Patagonia, Subaru

Moss Halladay

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