Melodic Caring Project

The healing power of music is real. A universal language, a language that existed before words, a language of shared vibrations that reminds us we are one love, one beating heart. EDGEtv Influencer, Levi Ware, believes so strongly in this healing power, that he created a non-profit organization called Melodic Caring Project to stream live music performances to critically-ill children in hospitals around the world.

“We give the names of the kids to the artists who are performing. The artists call the kids out by name and dedicate songs to them creating an incredible experience for the kids in the hospital and the artist and audience alike,” explains Ware.

Earlier this month, Melodic Caring Project and EDGEtv teamed up with Big Slick KC to raise over $1.3million for Children’s Mercy Hospital.

Peter Bowers, VP of Music at EDGEtv says, “We are very excited to announce a great partnership with an even greater cause through the healing powers of music. EDGEtv is developing content to create new and inspiring music specials for the network. [We] have done a deal to distribute and market the MCP music catalog with all proceeds going back to MCP.”

Melodic Caring Project

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