Matty Hasler

Cairns, Australia | Wakeboarder
  • The music I listen to mostly is rap and RNB. My favourite artists right now are Wiz Khalifa and Future.
Matty Hasler
“I define myself as a never give up kind of attitude no matter what the situation. When I know what I want to do and achieve I commit 110 percent to it and will never stop until I achieve what I set out to achieve.”

What events do you attend?

I don’t attend too many sporting events at the moment as I am a full time operator at Gold Coast Wake Park. In the past i have attended Surf Expo in Orlando for about 5-6 years in a row.

Who do you look up to in your profession and why?

In the past when I was at the top of the wake park tour I really looked up to the way Daniel Grant has rode then and even now. He is still the best Wakeboarder I have rode with and have seen to date. The person that inspires me to be the best and to be the most successful person I can be is my girlfriend Angelika Schriber.

Do you create/co-produce your own video content?

I have produced my own video content in the past when I was a professional on the pro cable tour.

Do you belong to any charities or non-profits, do volunteer work?

I don’t belong to any charities or do volunteer work. In the future I would really like to start my own charity.

What are the top 5 brands you’d like to work with?

I don’t have any sponsors as of right now.
What brands have you worked with previously: The year I won the 2013 World Championships was the year I received a contract from Carlton Dry, CTRL Wakeboards and Thai Wake park.
What brands would you like to work with in the future: I have always wanted to work with Red Bull as that was always a dream of mine when I was working my way up through the ranks also when I won the world championships in Abu Dhabi I thought that would have been a great time to partner with Red Bull.

Matty Hasler

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