Mary Osborne Surf Camps

Mary Osborne Surf Camps

The California coast, a big beach house, salty wetsuits, and surfboards for days. It’s the middle of the summer, the season for surfing, and the perfect time to check in with surf influencer and coach Mary Osborne (@maryosborne).

This summer, EDGEtv team members Shirley, Amiera, and Jeff drove down the beautiful Pacific Coast Highway to hang with Mary Osborne at one of her overnight teen surfari camps. We arrived on the first day of camp, met Mary’s rad surf campers (one is making a surf documentary with friends), and chatted out Mary’s latest hobby, aerobatic flying.

Warm sun, bluebird sky, and the mountains were sprouting greenery over the ashes of last year’s Thomas wildfire. It wasn’t long before we ditched our iPhones for wetsuits and spent the day charging some waves with Mary and posse. Check out the VIDEO of our mid-afternoon surf sesh n’ shoot in Ventura, California.

The champion longboarder is a pretty darn talented juggler too, constantly shifting gears between being an event organizer, hostess, entrepreneur, pro surfer, interviewee, coach, and your bestie on the beach. “I’m a first-time surfer learning during high tide, but you get in the water with Mary, and you’re in her world,” said Shirley Huang, Director of EDGE’s influencer program. “Mary’s a great surf teacher. She’s SO STRONG…hauled me out to sea with my surfboard using her FOOT to pull me along until we were out with the rest of the surf campers! She was attentive, encouraging, and gave me the extra push I needed to get up on that wave!”

The rest, like many good surf days, is a blur of salt and sand. Sitting up on your surfboard to catch your breath, hearing laughter and cheers from your fellow surfers lining up for the next set, the rolling tide and sunlight bathing everything in liquid shimmer, readying that GoPro for the next swell. It’s the middle of the summer, the season for surfing.

Check out for more information about Mary Osborne’s surf-based outreach and education programs for all ages and experience levels.
Check out Mary’s First Steps surf story here:

Mary Osborne Surf Camps

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