rider: Melissa Marquardt photo: Chris West

March is a rad time to be an adventure athlete, no matter what you strap to your feet. The Northern Hemisphere is still fluffy and the Southern Hemisphere is churning out warm water waves. It’s a time of change, some of us cranking out those last turns until the snow melts, others dusting off the climbing shoes. Whatever you do in this transition, may you have a spring in your step.

Lucy Down Under

bikini photo: Alisha Tinsley
British ripper and EDGEtv Influencer, Lucy Campbell, has been sampling the right point-breaks in Australia and South Africa. If you’re not jealous yet, you will be now…she just landed a beer sponsor. That’s right, Korev Lager decided to support Lucy in the upcoming contest season. Cheers to that!

Hometown Halladay

photo: Ben Arnst

It’s one thing to score powder on a heli-trip in Alaska. But there’s something extra special about waking up to find powder like this in your backyard. Truckee, CA local and EDGEtv Influencer, Moss Halladay, said, “It’s hard to believe the amount of shoveling I’ve done in the last few weeks… it all pays off when you get to blast turns like this!”

It’s no secret that the Sierra Nevadas have been royally dumped on this winter, with more on the way at press time. Moss is one of the few who is equally talented in front of the lens (see above) and behind it (see below)…

Welcome to EDGEtv, Dustin!

EDGEtv Network is excited to announce our new influencer, Dustin Sanderson! Dustin epitomizes the modern, all-around adventure athlete. Climbing, mountain biking, kayak guiding, oh yeah, fathering – he’s a jack-of-all trades.

Dustin is a world-class climbing guide with Capital Climbing Guides (CCG). They can take you on a quick top-roping rock scramble or a custom trip of a lifetime anywhere you want to climb. We’re stoked to work with him as he embodies everything EDGEtv is about: pushing the limits and having fun doing it.

Binge Watch Time!

photo courtesy of Braden Dean and Suz Graham

So if you’re the type of person who likes to wait until the whole series is viewable until jumping in, now’s the time to binge watch all five episodes of WINGING IT!

Follow EDGEtv Influencers, Braden Dean and Suz Graham, on a rad wingsuit journey in the EDGEtv production, WINGING IT. Catch up on EDGEtv’s RokuAmazonfire, and AppleTV channels, or check it out on edgetv.com.

Serious visuals combine with raw, behind-the-scenes stories of these two lovers chasing the dream and pushing the limits of wingsuit jumping from Canada to Cali to Europe.

March Radness

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