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EDGEtv Contributors have been spending some serious time in front of the lens this summer. From television series to magazines, our Contributors continue to blur the lines between adventure sport culture and mass culture. Check ’em out.


EDGEtv Contributor, Lucy Campbell, recently bared her body and her workout/diet regimen in Women’s Health Magazine. The two-time Women’s UK Surfing Champion has now set her sights on the 2020 Olympic Games, so she’s taken her fitness to new levels. Read about her workout plan here.

“Found myself naked in Sainsbury’s this morning,” Lucy said on Instagram. “So honoured to be a part of this empowering project with Women’s Health Mag! I’m sure many of us gals (me included) will agree body confidence can be hard to find and this issue shows that no matter what shape, size, age or profession, healthy humans are beautiful humans.”

Sweet as, Lucy!

Evan Mock///Hawaiian Psycho Jam

Shiznit getting crazy on Viceland’s “King of the Road” series, which features some of the world’s best skaters battling it out in teams. EDGEtv Contributor, Evan Mock, killed it in Season 2 Episode 10, a.k.a. Hawaiian Pscyho Jam! Secret locations, floating halfpipes, yeah.

Check out this teaser, then binge the series on Viceland!

Mr. Mock, not on a skateboard.

Hauser Summer Going?

photo: Gill Chabaud

Sarah Hauser’s film, Girl on Wave, is now available on iTunes, Amazon, GooglePlay, Playstation, XBox, Vudu, Vimeo, and…she’s in negotiations with NetFlix!

August found Sarah on the mainland, where she made an appearance on Fox News in Phoenix, Arizona to promote Girl on Wave.

She’s just as laid back on TV as she is behind the mast of her windsurf rig at Jaws!

Sarah is finishing up her summer studying to get her Certified Personal Trainer License at the National Academy of Sports Medicine. 

Oh yeah, and she’s training for the upcoming Aloha Classic!

May the wind be at your back, Sarah!

Arndt they Amazing?

Rocker siblings, Jocelyn and Chris Arndt, look absolutely angelic in this photo, snapped seconds before they took the stage at Hollywood’s Hotel Cafe last Friday. Just look at them…Chris is so calm and alert and Jocelyn looks content and happy to get out there and connect with the audience. And connect they did, with an aural tapestry worthy of the rock pantheon.

Make a Scene

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