Join us as we span the globe for the best waterman stories, adventures and pure adrenalized action. The Series showcases visually stunning sports such as big wave tow-in surfing, kiteboarding, freestyle jet skiing, professional surfing, windsurfing, stand-up paddling, free-diving, wakeboarding, cliff diving and whitewater kayaking. From profiles featuring the top watersport athletes, to previews of the latest sport-specific videos, to highlights of the world’s premier watersport events, Liquid Edge will take the viewer on an adrenalized thrill ride by showcasing a wide range of disciplines that make up the exciting world of watersports.

Season 1

Episode 1

Join us as we travel to the insane white waters of the Stikine Canyon, we go behind the scenes of Oakleys Wave of the Winter featuring World Champion Kelly Slater and many top pros. Robbie Naish hosts a kitesurf session in South Africa, what it takes to live on the edge in Tahiti, and one of the biggest days ever at the infamous wave break called The Wedge

Episode 4

We’ll be chasing barrels on the North Shore of Hawaii, making friends with sharks, kayaking epic water falls in Mexico, traveling to Indonesia with a couple of pros, hanging-ten with Kassia Meador, one of longboards beauties, and it’s not surfing if you aren’t getting slammed.

Episode 6

Feral surfers search for untouched perfect waves in West Papua, kayaking a unique Canadian rapid, a cold water surf session in Scotland and Kelly Slater slays Trestles.

Episode 9

Liquid Edge surfs south of the border, SUP action with Fernando Stalla, profiles on big wave surfer Mark Mathews and grom Adan Hernandez, plus kitesurfing in France

Episode 10

Surfing a rogue wave in Oregon, kayak legend Steve Fisher challenges Africa’s Zambezi River, and behind the scenes of the 3D surf film, Storm Surfers.