Jocelyn & Chris Arndt video premiere: Be That as it May

Charging into 2019 like a cannonball, blues rock band Jocelyn & Chris Arndt have announced their first single of the year “Be That as it May” off of their upcoming album “The Fun in the Fight.” The album is set to be released in February and is on pre-sale now. EDGEtv is stoked to premiere the live performance video of “Be That as it May” right here.

The newest single has everything we love about J&C’s style – infectious energy, raw vocals and funky riffs – but also signals an exciting evolution in the band’s sound and songwriting. Like many of the most electrifying anthems of defiance, “Be That as it May” was forged out of the hard knocks that the sibling rockers and their band including Dan Zavadil on bass and drummer David Bourgeois have faced in an industry that can be as cutting as it is collaborative, as critical as it is creative.

“‘She’s too weird. Too emotional. Much too aggressive for a female singer. Not nearly tall enough to make it in the biz.’ Just when I think I’ve heard it all, somebody springs something new on me, some new reason why Chris and I should give up and hang up our hats before we’re in too deep. Well, I hate to break it to you, but we were in too deep the moment we started, and we like it that way. “Be That as It May” is our expression of that feeling: we love music way too much to stop ourselves from putting our hearts and souls into it just because of someone else’s “well-intentioned career advice.” Yes, I’m barely 5 feet tall, and I’ve got a voice that’s much closer to a war cry than a whisper, and this industry is tough. I know all of those things. But be that as it may, we’re not quitting.”

– Jocelyn Arndt

In “Be That as it May,” Jocelyn’s pleading vocal intro gives way to a funk-infused guitar riff that anchors the groove, and the song rapidly becomes an all-out jam, with Chris trading lead licks with Cory Wong (Vulfpeck, Fearless Flyers) on rhythm guitar and Danny Louis (Gov’t Mule) on Hammond B3.

“We had the pleasure of working with some very special guests on this track. As we were developing it in the studio, it started to take on this really energetic, funky tone, and we immediately thought of Cory. His work with Vulfpeck and the Fearless Flyers is insane; he’s just got this signature style that really, really grooves. And Danny Louis of Gov’t Mule has been on all of our records; we love how he plays and he’s always so great to work with. So when this one came up, of course we were going to give him a call.”

– Jocelyn Arndt

EDGEtv has followed Jocelyn & Chris on tour since 2016 when the band released its debut full length album “Edges” and sophomore album “Go” in 2017. Click below for our premiere of J&C’s live performance music video at The Hollow (Albany, New York), where they headlined and debuted “Be That as it May.” Special guest Beau Sasser of the band Kung Fu joined the band on keys.

“The Fun in the Fight” is the third full-length studio album from sibling rockers Jocelyn & Chris Arndt. The album produced, by David Bourgeois, includes eleven new tracks and features special guests including Gov’t Mule’s Danny Louis and Cory Wong of Vulfpeck. “Red Stops Traffic” from the Arndt’s last album “Go” broke into The Billboard AAA Top 40, remaining for 6 weeks.

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Jocelyn & Chris Arndt video premiere: Be That as it May

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