Jeff McElroy Story Editor for Patagonia Film

EDGEtv Senior Staff Writer, Jeff McElroy, recently wrapped work as Story Editor on a Patagonia film, Sea of Miracles, which features on a small group of people in the Kaminoseki, Japan protesting the construction of a massive nuclear power plant in their back yard.


To craft the most engaging and powerful story possible, Jeff worked with Director Dan Malloy to sort through thousands of lines of interviews translated from Japanese to English. “The work was like putting together a puzzle and I loved the challenge. It was also fulfilling work because I knew this film would (hopefully) help the people of Kaminoseki to stop the construction of the nuclear power plant,” says Jeff.


Sea of Miracles premiered at this year’s Granted Film Festival, a multi-day shindig bringing together Patagonia’s environmental grantees, cold brew, and engaging stories about ordinary people standing up for the places they call home. The film screened at Patagonia stores in New York, Chicago, Santa Monica, Ventura, and Cardiff-by-the-Sea.


The EDGEtv senior writer was “stoked and honored” to attend the last three stops and to have another film experience under his belt. ‘Til the next production, you can find more of Jeff’s stories on The Inertia, Patagonia, and ZOZI.

Jeff McElroy Story Editor for Patagonia Film

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