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We want to see what you’re doing out there in the waves, in the mountains, on the trail, in the sky—and we want to blow it up for millions of people to share. Spread the love, spread the stoke, inspire others to push beyond their boundaries.

At EDGEtv, we care about story. What psyches you up to do what you do? What parts of your past lead you to seek the edge? Who are your influences? What messages does your lifestyle bring to the world?

Somewhere in the heart of every athlete, every charger, is a drive, a force, a calling. We want to share your reason for following this path to the edge.

All you have to do is keep doing rad things and share them with EDGEtv so we can share them with the world. With EDGEtv, you have the power to connect with, stimulate, and bring smiles to millions of people.