“But there’s a full moon risin’
Let’s go dancin’ in the light” -Neil Young

The Harvest Moon was a time for farmers to stay out in the fields at night to reap what they’d sown. Today, ’tis a time for adventurers, explorers, and lovers to get out there and reflect on the summer past and the winter to come. Take that midnight hike. Tie a glow stick to your wetsuit and surf the moon shadows. One thing hasn’t changed and never will: You reap what you sow.

Night Moves

EDGEtv Staff Writer, Jeff McElroy, published a sweet night surfing essay on The Inertia. What are your thoughts on the future of shredding under the stars?

For EDGEtv slackliner, Rafael Bridi, night-time offers a whole new realm and challenge for his craft. “I really like the aspect of highlining at night,” says Rafael. “It just sparks an amazing sense of balance, when you let go of your view. I just have a deeper connection with my breath and no sense of time.”

Summer Recap

As we go to press, Lucy Campbell is set to battle it out in the Top 16 at the Roxy Pro in Casablanca, Morocco! She Tweeted, “Was super happy to win my heat yesterday! Into the Top 16!” She’s coming in hot after finishing 9th Place in the Portugal WQS earlier this summer. Woot! Woot!

After a Europe basejumping adventure with Suz Graham which included stops in Switzerland and Norway, Braden Dean also stopped by the King of the Mountain event in China to give some snowboard demos. He was pumped on the enthusiastic response, good energy, and Asia’s growing interest in snow sports.

EDGEtv had boots on the ground at the Rio Olympic Games and Crankworx in Whistler, BC. Whatever or wherever the sport may be, we like watching athletes push it to the max, and beyond.

Seeking Nirvana

Just in time for the Northern Hemisphere’s winter, Seeking Nirvana is preparing to launch the 4th episode…a series of strange adventures in South America. We can’t wait!

Harvest Moon

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