Gear List for a Roadtrip through California’s Public Lands

Road trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles and you’ll encounter some of the sweetest views and diverse terrains. Car camping in California’s vast lands from Death Valley (the lowest point in North America) to the Alabama Hills (the highest point in the lower 48 states) is an unforgettable experience, but the right gear can take your travels next level. Luckily, Adventure Sports Network put together a list of field-tested and approved gear for just such an occasion.

  1. Otterbox Elevation 10 Tumbler ($25)  This stainless steel tumbler insulates 10 ounces of your favorite drink at the right temperature, whether hot or cold.
  2. Flylow Blaster Glove 2.0 ($95)   Cowhide leather gloves triple baked with wax to ensure waterproofing.
  3. Teva Hurricane XLT Sandals ($60)  These sandals are perfect for mud, sweat, sand, and rock — all the elements you’ll encounter in Golden State lands. Perfect for rafting or just chillin in the cabin, these babies are available from resellers like REI and Zappos (at a discount)
  4. Outdoor Voices Tech Sweat Legging ($95)  The ultimate roadtrip leggings, a pair of these may seem pricey but the sweat-wicking, breathable fabric keeps you cool while being thick enough to protect your skin on those rocky scrambles. A waistband pocket holds essentials.
  5. Kammok Roo Single Hammock ($69)  Ultra-packable, this lightweight camping hammock weighs only 10 oz and holds up to 400 lbs and is perfect for kicking back in the shade with a cold brew. Rest easy with the lifetime warranty.
  6. Sierra Designs Cloud 800 / 20 Degree Sleeping Bag ($300)  A patent-pending zipperless sleeping bag makes zipper snags and nylon rips a thing of the past. With the self-sealing foot sleeve, you can even stick your feet out of the bottom and walk around in it while you make breakfast.

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Gear List for a Roadtrip through California’s Public Lands

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