Flip Like Wilson

Leicester, UK | Pop-Punk Band
  • We love Rage Against The Machine (Our name comes from their lyrics), Blink 182, Yellowcard, The Starting Line, Sum 41, etc.
  • We suck at Football.
“Crazy Pop-Punk band from Leicester, UK. We want to spread our unique brand of punk, and tour the whole world, meeting amazing people and playing the biggest possible shows in the process. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram, and check out our music videos on YouTube!”

What are you looking for in a Network?

We’re looking to meet like-minded musicians and make solid music-scene connections so we can tour as much as possible and spread our music far and wide. Armed with a GoPro and a “different” sense of humour, we hope to make huge strides in the future and impregnate the world with Wilson juice. Check us out!

What events do you attend?

Concerts, festivals, cheap fried chicken places all over the UK

Who do you look up to in your profession and why?

We take big inspiration from the bands we are lucky enough to share the stage with, including Neck Deep, Me Vs Hero, and With The Punches. All the bands we’ve played with in the past have a lasting effect on us, and we have a never ending list of bands we hope to gig with.

Do you create/co-produce your own video content?

All our music is produced by our drummer, Kyle. All our video content besides pro-filmed music vids is created by Oscar Harris our bassist. We pride ourselves on being a D.I.Y band, producing juicy tunes all of our own bat.

Do you play video games?

We love FIFA, Call Of Duty, Battlefield, Fallout…Elderscrolls, EVERYTHING

Do you belong to any charities or non-profits, do volunteer work?

We play as many charity gigs as we can, notably Edgarfest, for the Edgar’s Gift charity in our hometown, Leicester.

What are the top 5 brands you’d like to work with?

Fender, Gibson, DropDead Clothing, Vans, Ernie Ball.

Flip Like Wilson

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