Eric Halborg River Surfing

Eric Halborg of DRAGONDEER has been chasing waves his whole life — sonic, ocean, and now rivers, even in Colorado’s winter waters.

The avid snowboarder and surfer is loving the creative DIY vibes at Denver’s two sites for river surfing. “I’ve been reading these river charts and flow release charts to see when waves will hit.” Finding the right flow is one thing, getting the guts to take on freezing Colorado rivers is another! Halborg told us that in the last 20 years he lived in Colorado, he’s never swam more than this summer and fall. Never too late to pick up a new hobby!

DRAGONDEER performances:

12/2 at The Filmore (big deal venue)

12/9 at Desert Hot Springs for Friends of Budlight, with the keyboardist from String Cheese Incident.

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