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At EDGEtv, we’re revolutionizing what it means to be a TV network. We don’t just create rad content; we invite our viewers to join our “so cool” network to partake in the great conversation that brings together adventure seekers and doers. Unlike most networks, EDGEtv is a two-way conversation…we hope you enjoy our stories and visuals, and we want to see yours.

Influencer Spotlight – Griffin Turner

When he’s not watching a hockey game or attending a pirate festival, you’ll find Griffin Turner jumping out of planes and spreading his wings. Like any true athlete, Griffin respects the innovators, “People like Will Kito, Scotty Bob, and Team Fly4Life are really showing everyone the direction that these aerial sports can be taken.” A warm EDGEtv welcome to Griffin Turner who embodies everything we are about: adventure, commitment, and inspiration.

Influencer Spotlight – Symmetry

“Sometimes in darkness, we find ourselves.”

-Symmetry Guitarist, Jared Hara

When Jared Hara lost his eyesight at 12-years-old, he found hope and the strength to continue on by picking up the guitar. Fast forward to today, and he’s touring the United States with his band, Symmetry. Rhythm and Booze describes Symmetry as “blending a big bold combination of rock and alternative pop, adding some fizz, a little bit of bounce and then shaking until frothing.” If this sounds like your kind of cocktail, check them out at http://symmetryband.com/ Music is the soul of every adventure, from roadtrips to BASE jumps. Which is why EDGEtv is pumped to welcome aboard Symmetry as Influencers.

We’re still buzzing from the insane World Ski & Snowboard Festival! EDGEtv had boots on the ground in Whistler BC, documenting some serious shred sessions and raging after parties.

The Lucky Strike, Part 3 of Seeking Nirvana, premiered at WSSF to a packed house. The vibe was electric and all proceeds went to the Sarah Burke Foundation. This film is the face of backcountry skiing today.

New Red Bull Content on EDGEtv ROKU!

“So Cool”

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