Issue 7

We all understand the importance of respecting and conserving the Wild Places more than the folks who are closest to them; the ones out there in the mountains, deserts, and oceans doing what they love.

Our EDGEtv Influencers and Community are on the frontlines—skiing, snowboarding, surfing, biking, wingsuit flying—and they know that our playgrounds are worth fighting for and preserving for future generations.

EDGEtv is stoked to shout out a big “Good on ya!” to our Influencers of the Month, Angie Davis and Dustin Hollick of Switchboard Media, for releasing their anticipated surf/conservation-awareness film, Double Barrel.

The feature documentary follows surf and travel journalist Angie Davis’ journey to Peru to document Peruvian surf guide Harold Koechlin’s dream of protecting Peru’s world-class surf breaks. Focussed in the oil-dominated town of Lobitos, Harold is working together with the local and international community and is determined to preserve the locals’ right to a clean ocean and environment to give towns like Lobitos a more sustainable future.

Which playgrounds do you think need saving? Let us know what you’re doing to help out. Join the EDGEtv community.

Influencer Spotlight

Angie balances life between travel, production, surfing and raising two wild boys. Angie was based in Japan for almost a decade as a journalist with a strong focus in social impact travel and surfing. She relocated back home to Australia post-Fukushima disaster and wore the hat of Travel Producer and Editor at Yahoo!7 before founding Switchboard Media Group in 2014 and embarking on her first environmental-travel documentary feature film “Double Barrel.”

Family man Dustin grew up in the freezing waters of Tasmania, bobbing around on fishing boats and building sites. Through his isolated upbringing Dustin forged a strong connection with nature, which he expressed through short stories, playwriting, and making indie surf films. Dustin joined Angie working on “Double Barrel” in 2014 and then came on board as co-owner of Switchboard, where they now run the business out of a rural studio “The Dream Factory” perched on a lush acre a stone’s throw from the coast.

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Issue 7

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