rider: Suz Graham photo: Reuben Krabbe

Some of us hear a calling so strongly that we have no choice but to make it both our work and our play. We make it our life.

For some of us it’s teaching. For others it’s healing or cooking or farming.

We take at look at some folks who have found a way to work within their passions and are passionate about their work.

Dax Justin: Spirit of the Wild

Dax Justin will be speaking about, “How I Slayed Addiction with Nature,” at TEDx Canmore in Bow Valley, Canada on January 20th, 2017.

After many years of an unsatisfying 9-to-5 job, Dax quit to follow the siren song of the Wild Places. Armed with a camera, a pen, and contagious curiosity, Dax has made a life documenting beautiful wildernesses and the cast of characters he meets along the way.

Dax recently gave a rad presentation at the CPAWS Northern Alberta “Call of the Wild” event.

His thesis? “How we are not only protecting what is seen & touched in nature, but also what we can FEEL.”

Dax brings a deep philosophy and ethos along with his images – a conviction that the Wild Places are so much more than things “out there” to merely be appreciated from a place of separateness.

Rather, the Wild Places are our home, part of us, and only when we realize this can we hope to return home and live in harmony.

We are eagerly awaiting the upcoming publication of his new book, UNEARTHED, which takes the reader on a journey to the prehistoric grounds of the Canadian Badlands, sharing captivating stories and mesmerizing photographs of the people who have made this land home.

In the meantime, here’s a stellar Dax image to keep you calm and carrying on.

Adventure Capitalists

Suz Graham and Braden Dean are the power couple of adventure sports. Since he already calls himself an “Adventure Capitalist,” it’s only fitting that Braden has recently been named “Chief Adventure Officer” of the Devour Jerky adventure campaign. Together, they are tearing through Canada doing what they do best. photos (left to right) Suz Graham, Braden Dean by Todd Easterbrook

No strangers to pushing beyond their comfort zones, Suz and Braden recently added ice climbing to their resumes. 

Braden says, “Had a chance to try my hand at climbing some ice the other day while traveling with EatDevour as the Chief Adventure Officer. Although I’ve done a fair bit of climbing (rock) in the past, this was a new and exciting experience!”

Of course, the lovers couldn’t resist a last-minute wingsuit session before it got super cold in Toronto.

“Managed to squeeze in a skydive at Skydive Toronto with Braden before the cold moved in,” said Suz. “Beautiful warm November day, not so common up here in the great white north.”

007 for Life

Ever wish you had a cool James Bond wrist watch thingamajig that was actually a CO2-activated rescue balloon?

Us, too.

Check out the EDGEtv Product Review of the new Kingii Wearable water rescue device that went from an Indiegogo campaign to reality.

This message will self-destruct in 3,2,1…

Do What You Love, Love What You Do

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