Edge Tv contributor Dax Justin teaches us the magic of mastering smartphone photography. Photography on a phone? Yes, and it’s legit!

Dax Justin is an adventure photographer and Canadian explorer with features across many well known platforms such as Canadian Geographic, The Travel Channel, Hypebeast and more! He shared a personal entry to his instagram fans about his journey in photography. We were so fascinated by it we had to share it with you!


“When I first started exploring and taking photos I had no idea what was possible. I sure didn’t plan on creating a career forged in the vitality of adventure. I never, ever took photos. Never recorded life’s moments. Didn’t care, I was too distracted with sports cars and $400 jeans. Basic AF!

Fast forward 4 years and it all started with me randomly stumbling into the woods and seeing sides of nature I never knew existed. I began taking photos on my smartphone and shared them across my online communities and since then I’ve felt in touch, and that I was born for this. I didn’t just see nature that day, I FELT it. It was electric. I was ALIVE (for the first time in my life). That initial experience significantly changed my outlook on our existence and purpose on this planet. If you take one thing away from me today: Who you become in life is the sum of all your experiences – not the sum of all your things. Ask yourself what you care about and relentlessly pursue it. Your HEART detects frequencies and picks up on things before your brain does…follow that more.”

Dax will being sharing his secrets at his up and coming Smartphone Pro Photo Workshop. Join and learn to capture the best photos with him, where he “gives you the tools and teaches you step-by-step how to capture, process and share professional-level photos from your smartphone all while in the field or on the go.” View the schedule break down and sign up here



Check out his blog for quick low light cell phone photography tips. Dax includes 6 inside tips you can start trying from home! He highlights points including manual setting features and to take advantage of depths and layers.

How to Take the Best Photos in Low/No-Light Conditions: The Rat’s Nest Cave

Stay updated with Dax and follow him via social media @daxjustin

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