Dogs are the original adventurer, the organic alarm clock and security system, the hiking buddy for life, the best thing to happen to men since women (and vice-versa). Here at EDGEtv, we’re wagging our tails over these most loyal and stubborn friends. So here’s a tribute the furry slobbering masses that take up all the room in our beds and hearts – we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Got a four-legged rent-free tenant you’re wild about? Send us photos and stories of and about your co-pilots. Subject line: Wagging Tales.


13 years | Jack Russell Terrier

Favorite snack: Whatever he’s not supposed to have

Favorite activity: Surfing. He chases his ball into the waves and rides them back to shore

Interesting fact: 3 years ago, my wife and I were jogging on the beach in Ventura. This little dog followed us….for a mile! We decided to turn back and find his human. Nobody on the beach knew him. He followed us home. We put out signs. A week later, his owner calls and says he left him on the beach ON PURPOSE! Said he was going through a divorce and couldn’t put up with a dog! He told his him name was Bear and he was 10y.o. Since then, he’s been the best little budd we could ever imagine. He hikes to the high country lakes with us (and swims, of course), and he surfs. He rescued us.


2 years | Lab and GSP

Favorite snack: No snacks I am lean non eating candy machine

Favorite activity: Hike and Paddle-Board

Interesting fact: I carried my Mom’s engagement Ring in my backpack. I was born in a Shelter but adopted right away by my Dad.


9 weeks | Boston Terrier

Favorite snack: Pet Botanicals Training Reward

Favorite activity: Sleeping and exploring the world

Interesting fact: She is already House trained. She enjoys dominating her favorite toy, a mini hedge hog.


8 years young | Exuberant Pitbull

Favorite snack: Apples, carrots, Celery and any kind of carbs (who doesn’t love carbs, right?)

Favorite activity: I love to play tug of war with my heavy duty rope.

Interesting fact: I say hi to people by putting my head between their legs.


12 years | Shep and Lab

Favorite snack:  Apples

Favorite activity: Food

Interesting fact: He is telepathic.


1 year | Maltese and Terrier

Favorite snack: Cat poop

Favorite activity: Playing with his Uncle Bernie and cruising in the Subaru.

Interesting fact: He has hidden five harnesses and destroys all leashes.


6 years | Puggle (Pug x Beagle)

Favorite snack: Salmon

Favorite activity: Hiking and sleeping

Interesting fact: She has been to 28 states

Mei Mei

7 years | Miniature Poodle

Favorite snack:  Whatever’s in the garden

Favorite activity: Chewing; Lounging in sunbeams

Interesting fact: I like to annoy people by squeaking squeaker toys as fast as I can.


14 year | Terrier x Poodle

Favorite snack:Banana

Favorite activity: Hanging out in the kitchen

Interesting fact: According to a doggie DNA test, I’m also part Collie