Brennan Peirson

Los Angeles | Photographer & Musician 
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“Manifest genuine relationships. Be true to yourself.”

Where are you from? Where do you live now?

I am from Pittsburgh, PA and I currently live in Los Angeles.

What do you have for breakfast in the morning?

Smoothies most of the time. Sometimes bananas and a KIND bar.

What words / motto / advice do you live by?

Thrive in your environment.

What one or two things do you currently do in your training that are keys to your success?

Your network is your net worth. Always be kind and professional. Manifest genuine relationships. Be true to yourself.

If someone wanted to start learning your craft, how do you recommend they get started? Resources?

Youtube tutorials!!!

Who do you look up to in your profession and why?

I have two different professions. For music It would be rivers Cuomo the lead singer of Weezer or Stevie Ray Vaughn. For videography it would be Wes Anderson or David Lynch.

Favorite music / podcasts / shows / games / books?

Alt J
The Strokes
Modest Mouse

Bates Motel
Breaking Bad
Chef’s Table
Don’t play video games but love Pictionary.

Kurt Vonnegut
Jack Kerouac
Chuck Pahlaniuhk

What events do you attend (concerts, sporting events, festivals, charity and volunteer work, etc.)?

I play a lot of concerts and also shoot them as well.

Brennan Peirson

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