Athletes are the mythic statues of our times. In every jab, in every slackline step, every soul-arch barrel, every backcountry skiing line…the timeless poses are preserved, immortalized. And behind these poses, what we don’t see, is the hard work, the obsessive practice, the transcendence of self-doubt, time away from family, the sweat and tears, the belief.

But in those fleeting moments when it all comes together, we see the possibilities of the human form and spirit, what Abraham Lincoln called, “The Better Angels of our Nature.”

EDGEtv salutes the late Muhammed Ali and acknowledges his influence and example on every athlete alive today, from the XGames warriors who just pushed the limits in Austin, to the unsung heroes out there following their passions in the deserts, mountains, and seas.

Here’s to all of you who, “Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.”

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“Don’t Count the Days, Make the Days Count”   -Muhammed Ali

photo: Michah Mathis

Speaking of the timeless poses, tracing letters in the sky, etching initials on the face of a wave…EDGEtv Influencers are living it up and making the days count.

Gabriel Aglio just finished 4th Place at the XGames Austin Circuit of the Americas first-ever slackline contest. He also competed in the Dominion Riverrock Games in Richmond, VA.  Go Gabriel!

Mary Osborne is packing surfboards for her Las Flores, El Salvador Teen Surf Escape June 22-29. It’s more than just surfing, folks…Mary has teamed up with Project Save Our Surf in order to teach young surfers about the importance of conserving our oceans, fresh waters, and connected ecosystems.

Last we heard, Liz Thomas was ramblin’ around Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge with her boyfriend, finding new climbing routes and slackline potential. Ah, to be young and in love…on one inch of fabric…hundreds of feet over a gorge.

Dax Justin Tours Canadian Badlands

Photo: Dax Justin

Dax Justin has been yonderin’ with Canadian actor, musician, and philanthropist, Tom Jackson, “to search for the stories that make up the Spirit of the Canadian Badlands.” Luckily for everyone on the planet, Dax brought his camera along and is making masterpieces every day.

In this age of mass consumption and instant gratification, we salute Dax for getting out there on the land, amongst the people, and listening to the stories and lore that make a place more than just a dot on the map.

Big in Japan

We’re going bananas for Daniel Morgan Jones and his band, Straight Jacket Legends, for signing with TME Records in Japan!

Their forthcoming record, “Go Bananas,” is a high-energy mix of punk, pop, and rock…the perfect ingredient to get you amped on the chairlift, in the car, or cleaning the darn house!

EDGEtv Influencer, Daniel Morgan Jones, plays bass and sings in Straight Jacket Legends. He has Asperger’s Syndrome (ASD), a form of Autism sometimes referred to as High Functioning Autism.

This Holyhead, UK-based musician decided to transcend his diagnosis by rising up and making some of the best punk anthems we’ve heard since Blink 182.

It does’t get any punk-er than that.

Punk’s not dead! DIY! Oi! Oi!

Better Angels of our Nature

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