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The upcoming US presidential election has everyone talking about the kind of world we want future generations to inherit. And though voting for a president is extremely important, it is but one of many ways to be the change.

Whether it’s streaming live music concerts to critically-ill children so they might smile in their hospital beds, or creating a documentary about saving an oil-threatened coastline in Peru…the change starts with you, the actions you take, the footprint you make.

EDGEtv is proud to work with some truly incredible influencers who use their skills and talents to give back and help heal some of the pain they see in the world. We’re stoked to announce our own “Pay it Forward” program – EDGEtv donates a portion of our ad revenue to the causes and charities we promote. 

Viva Lobitos!

photo: Courtesy of Switchboard Media

When Angie Davis, Dustin Hollick, and Rhian Slapp learned that the amazing coastline of Lobitos, Peru is threatened by Big Oil encroachment, they went into full activism mode.

Kissing their families goodbye in Byron Bay, Australia, they set out for Lobitos armed with cameras, surfboards, and open minds. The result? A cinematically-gorgeous documentary highlighting the sacred and symbiotic relationship between the coastline and the local people, and how this can be destroyed if oil corporations have their way. Oh yeah, there’s some insane surfing going down, too.

Stream Double Barrel now on EDGEtv’s Roku and/or Amazon Fire channels. As part of our “Pay it Forward Program,” we are donating a portion of our ad revenue to the Lobitos Juntos Por Las Playas Del Norte campaign which is trying to persuade the Peruvian government to designate Lobitos (and other areas of the northern coastline) as a World Surfing Reserve.

Rising from the Ashes

“Get busy livin’ or get busy dyin’.” If this quote from The Shawshank Redemption resonates with you, you’re gonna love the short documentary, Above All Else, from Live Unbound.

In 1992, professional skydiver Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld boarded a plane for a routine training jump. Six weeks later, he awoke from a coma to discover that a terrible accident had crippled his body and shattered his dream of becoming a World Champion. Five simple words from a friend will inspire him to attempt to overcome impossible odds, and achieve his lifelong goal.

Stream this inspiring story on EDGEtv’s Roku and/or Amazon Fire channels. 

Melodic Caring Project in da (White) House!

Melodic Caring Project founders, Levi and Stephanie Ware, were chosen to bring their 501c3 non-profit music and tech program to the White House Lawn at SXSL. They showed the nation how they stream live concerts to the hospital rooms of critically-ill children. 

Not a bad way for Levi to celebrate his 40th birthday – showcasing the Melodic Caring Project, watching The Lumineers rock out on the White House lawn, and listening to Barack Obama and Leonardo DiCaprio discuss climate change. Happy Birthday, Legend!

Be the Change

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