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Filmmaker and Digital Nomad, Earth-conscious story sharer, Gypsy + surfer + yoga-er (no yogi)

  • MT Warning, Onkua, Portugal the Man, Aquila Young and Glass Animals
  • Surfing, yoga, snowboarding and chasing after my two wild sons.
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“Conscious story sharer, mother, digital gypsy. Vegan. Director, Producer, Writer. VR/AR for Temme Media. Founder of The Anicca Way healing and wellness collective. Angie’s first documentary film DOUBLE BARREL follows her journey to the oil-dominated surf region in north Peru to support the tiny village of Lobitos toward a more sustainable future. Angie is Director of THE LAPS, an exciting original reality travel TV series coming soon. Angie is an Ambassador for Rize Up Australia, supporting survivors of domestic violence, and Warayana Design empowering Andean women in Peru.”

What are you looking for in a Network?

Collaboration. Like-minded creatives coming together to empower each other to reach their true potential, and in turn create positive change on our planet for future generations. My mission is to contribute to the raising of unity consciousness.

What events do you attend?

Film premieres and festivals, live music gigs, fundraisers, and I try as much as possible local creatives or businesses’ events in Byron Bay and Lennox Head where I live.

Who do you look up to in your profession and why?

Sybil Steele (CEO, Founder Temme Media) – A close friend and mentor for years, Sybil is organized, creative, passionate, honest and kind. Her vision is brave and bold and contagious. Her contribution to women in Tech and Media is phenomenal.

Taylor Steele (Director/Filmmaker) – Taylor has been my mentor since and encouraged the leap of faith from producer to director. His support for his wife (Sybil) to pursue her dreams sets the bar for other husbands and fathers. A proud feminist!

Alejandro Berger (Cinematographer) – Alex shot half of my first film and working with him was incredible. He is truly one of the best and I am constantly learning in his presence. Tim Wreyford (Cinematographer, Editor, Color Grader) – Tim and I have worked together from day one. His is efficient, fast, precise, professional, and extremely witty (British!). We have travelled the world together and shared mini vans in sub zero temperatures and missed our families but always propped each other up during tough times.

Sofia Coppola (Director) – her film Lost in Translation fueled my love for Japan, inspired my move there and subsequently launched my career as a journalist in Japan for 7 years. And now I’m back in Japan! Also for the style of shooting on that film and the script, it is still today one of my favorites.
Quentin Tarantino – do I really need to explain myself here?!

All the writers, producers, directors and production team that worked on Marco Polo. That series blew me away and I am so bummed they cancelled a third!

Do you create/co-produce your own video content?

After 10 years as a journalist in the surf and travel industry I founded Switchboard Media Group with Dustin Hollick a couple years ago, and wrote, directed and produced our first doco Double Barrel currently touring the world. I work with an incredible production team and we have just completed a pilot episode in Tasmania for our upcoming travel reality TV series: The Laps, following Dustin Hollick and Rhian Slapp around 10 island nations of the world with no car, no cash, no phone; a real survival quest in an effort to adventure the world in a sustainable way and shine light on the environmental issues that plague our Planet.

I am also working in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality production with Temme Media out of NYC, an exciting space that is continually evolving and blowing my mind. Our production team is one of the best in the world and the year ahead will see us release some groundbreaking VR and AR content.

Do you play video games?

Once upon a time I knew all the hacks to Sonic the Hedgehog. RIP Sega Master System. I tried to get into Pokemon Go with the kids. Now I am working in VR/AR I am getting more interested in video games, particularly those that aid in education, or health/wellness. I recently read about a cool indoor rock climbing AR game where you are scaling the wall on a time limit trying to hit targets with your hands or feet along the way. I am excited to watch this space evolve over the coming years. I think education is in for a shake up.

Do you belong to any charities or non-profits, do volunteer work?

I am in the process of launching a non-profit First We Walk. The concept is raising money through global treks to donate to women survivors of domestic violence. I am also an ambassador for Rize Up Australia, and co-founder of V Day Byron Bay. I was previously on the board for Surfrider Foundation South Australia. I’ve been recently working with a team of dedicated snow sports enthusiasts to launch Protect Our Winters Japan chapter (, a global movement to take action on Climate Change founded by one of my snowboarding heroes, Jeremy Jones.

What are the top 5 brands you’d like to work with?

I am already working with TOMS, United By Blue, and Divine Goddess Yoga Products. But I would love to work with Burton, Discovery Channel, VICE, and a big sustainable energy player.

Angie Davis

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